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22 Things That Prove Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soul Mate

Basically food, tears, and bitching.

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1. Sharing every single one of your thoughts, insecurities, and life plans with each other.

Including the really mean thoughts that you're not really supposed to have at all.

2. Texting your mate when you need advice, instead of using Google. Especially if the thing you need advice on is an ~embarrassing body problem~.


But also if the thing you need advice on is baking, building Ikea furniture, or if you just need to know the name of an actor in a film you're watching.

3. Starting every sentence with "Omg remember when...?" and then either dying of embarrassment or laughter or both.

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You've either witnessed or heard every single one of your pal's most embarrassing stories, and looking back at them makes you a) cringe so much it hurts, and b) feel really proud because you've grown up loads and something that embarrassing would never happen to you now.

4. Seeing or hearing at least three things a day that make you wanna text them.

Even if the thing you see is your own face in the mirror, because you're looking really good.


5. Understanding the subtle difference between when your BFF is drunk enough to keep on drinking, and so drunk that they must stop immediately.


And then either pouring booze into their mouth, or stuffing their semi-conscious body into an Uber accordingly.

6. Knowing that even though it's fine to embarrass your best friend from time to time, there's at least one anecdote it'll never be OK to retell.


You have hundreds of cringe stories about your best friend at your disposal, but you understand the importance of choosing the ones you do share very carefully.

7. Knowing that it is 100% acceptable to share your other friends' secrets with your BFF because best friends don't count.

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Even if you promise to tell no one, you know that telling your BFF is safe because they'd never spread gossip you told them not to spread.


9. Being told that you have started to speak, and act, the same way.

Your mannerisms and the way you intonate has started to match and it makes you feel like twins. 👯

10. Having a crappy day and heading straight to your BFF's house so you can eat and weep.


When you arrive at your best mate's, you don't bother with formalities like saying "hi". You launch straight into a hug and sob.

11. Tackling scary things together, like fighting off a mouse in your house or running into an ex at a party.


It is a well known fact that all scary things are 50% less scary if you face them with your best friend.

12. Knowing that there are some days of the year that you must spend with your BFF.


Like every single one of your birthdays, New Year's Eve, and every time you have an excuse to celebrate something relatively minor with cheap Prosecco.


13. Being in synch on a night out. That means: dancing at the same time, drinking at the same time, and peeing at the same time.


It's no good having a BFF who wants to touch up their make-up when you want to boogie. You need to be in synch, all night, for things to work.

14. Spending at least one single Valentine's Day eating carbohydrates together.

And knowing that, however good your future boyfriends may be, the V-Day you spent with your BFF is basically unbeatable.

16. Never being grossed out if your best mate says something like, "I haven't showered for three days," because you have a no judgment policy.

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There are enough judgmental people in this world without BFFs becoming judgmental too.


18. Genuinely caring about how your best mate's other friends and family are doing, even if you've never met them.

You talk so much that you're 100% invested in each other's lives. So if your best mate's school friend who you don't know gets a new job, you need to know about it.

19. Being each others plus-ones to events that neither of you wants to go to, and having a damn good time regardless.


As a BFF, it's your duty to chaperone your mate to dinners, parties, and pub trips that they don't want to face alone.

20. Liking the same, slightly cringe, things. Like drinking Baileys hot chocolate before bedtime like nans, or watching back-to-back episodes of The Hills like '00s teens.

And not being the least bit embarrassed.

21. Craving the company of your BFF when you've had one too many superficial conversations.


At the end of a difficult week where you've had to be polite and hold your tongue, you start to miss hanging out with someone who you can be 100% yourself around.

22. Knowing that although sometimes you'll fall out, and you may not always like each other, you will always love each other.