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52 Important Milestones Every British '00s Girl Went Through

It was a decade of composing your own ringtones, flirting on MSN, and working out which reality show would make you famous.

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1. Going to town without adult supervision, buying a Starbucks Frappucino, and wandering down your local high street feeling as glamorous as Paris and Nicole.

2. Drinking alcohol for the first time and not really being sure whether one bottle of Smirnoff Ice was enough to get you drunk.

3. Learning how to compose ringtones on your Nokia 3310 and immediately setting "Scandalous" by Mis-Teeq as yours.

4. And later, ordering a polyphonic ringtone from the back page of Mizz magazine.

5. Persuading your mum to let you get your ears pierced in Claire's and then buying a multi-pack of massive hoop earrings.

6. Going to Dolcis to buy £9.99 dolly shoes in every colour.

7. Begging your mum for a belly piercing with the sole intention of buying a Playboy ring.

8. Getting your first GHDs and realising that you'd never have to go to school with frizzy hair again.

9. Getting your braces removed and immediately buying a packet of Cola Hubba Hubba because you finally could.

10. Playing your first game of "Truth or Dare" with strangers on MSN and having to leave just as it was getting good because your mum wanted to use the phone line.

11. Performing the "Cha Cha Slide" at a school disco where all the boys stood on one side of the room and all the girls stood on the other.

12. Buying the cheapest purse from Jane Norman so you could get the plastic carrier and use it for your P.E. kit.

13. Getting a new high score on Snake 2 and suddenly being asked to play it on all your friends' phones so they would have high scores too.

14. Going round to your friend's house to play Sims Hot Date, making yourselves and your crushes, and then spending hours trying to make them WooHoo.

15. Staying up late to watch Big Brother and vowing to apply as soon as you were old enough.

16. Buying bleach blonde hair dye from Superdrug and getting your friend to bleach the top section of your hair, so it was black underneath and blonde on top.

17. Watching Top Of The Pops every Friday night and wishing you looked as good as the Sugababes.

18. Finally understanding what feminism was when Frankee's "F.U.R.B." came out.

19. Watching The Blair Witch Project at a sleepover with the lights turned off and spilling your microwave popcorn everywhere when your friend's mum poked her head around the corner to ask whether you needed anything.

20. Voting for Gareth Gates on Pop Idol and feeling personally slighted when Will Young won.

21. Becoming two people's top Myspace friend at the same time.

22. Queueing up to buy the newest Harry Potter book.

23. And calling up your local cinema to book tickets to the premiere viewing of the first film.

24. Buying your first Topshop girl boxers and insisting they were comfortable even though they absolutely were not.

25. And then later, buying your first New Look thong and pulling it up above your trousers so everyone could see that you were the kind of girl who wore a thong.

26. Persuading your mum to pay for chunky highlights at your local hairdressers so you wouldn't dry your hair out by doing it yourself.

27. Getting your first knock-off Ugg boots and pairing them with a Jack Wills mini skirt in both winter and summer.

28. Buying a Motorola Razr and feeling like a pop star every time you hung up by closing the phone with your face.

29. Queueing up outside Abercrombie & Fitch to get a Polaroid photo with the models who stood in the door, hanging it up inside your locker, and then being really jealous of the one girl you knew who got asked to work there when she visited.

30. Spending your pocket money on £1.99 frosted eye shadow from your local Londis.

31. Giving yourself a Tipp-Ex French manicure and feeling like a WAG until you got asked to remove it.

32. Freaking yourself out by reading Goosebumps books using a torch under your duvet before you went to bed.

33. Switching between the music channels on 18 and 21 because watching music videos instead of actual TV was a perfectly legit way to spend your time.

34. Getting a Fun-Fax from the school book fair and no longer making appointments without scheduling them in your planner first.

35. Getting the Argos catalogue every Christmas and asking for colourful make up sets, a Barbie head whose hair grew, and a robotic dog.

36. Someone telling you that fake tan made your legs look thinner and then refusing to leave the house without slathering on a good layer of Johnson's Holiday Skin first.

37. Planning to write a book about twins who were remarkably similar to Mary-Kate and Ashley (but crucially not exactly the same) and being certain that you would make it as the next teen author.

38. Spending all your dad's loose change on 20p Skittles and Dance Dance Revolution at every bowling party you ever went to.

39. Upgrading from a HB pencil to a Parker fountain pen and thinking that flicking ink over someone else's work was the most hilarious prank ever.

40. Getting the Boot's Christmas gift set of "Glow" by JLo and vowing to make it your signature scent forever.

41. Buying a knock off Juicy Couture tracksuit from Matalan and wearing it everywhere.

42. Paying £5 for a Livestrong wristband because someone in your class had an uncle who could get them even though they were meant to be sold out.

43. Striking up a conversation with a stranger in a Neopets chat room but using a fake name because your parents had briefed you on internet security.

44. Watching Shipwrecked every Sunday afternoon and really rooting for every couple that snogged.

45. Buying every single Jacqueline Wilson book and claiming that you related to the characters, even though your life was quite significantly less dramatic than theirs.

46. Only ever doing your homework in Lucia Handwriting because it was by far the most glamorous font.

47. Begging your parents for a hair wrap every time you went on holiday somewhere hot, and then getting really bummed out when you got back, it feel out, and you had a little stump of hair left behind.

48. Getting a jelly candle as a Christmas gift and then poking it until it didn't look nice anymore.

49. Spending hours teaching your Furby how to speak English even though you rightly suspected that it was an impossible task.

50. Wearing jeans underneath your dress in an effort to look like Jessica Alba.

51. And wearing footless tights underneath your miniskirt in an effort to look like Ashlee Simpson.

52. And finally: Vehemently denying that you were an emo even though you were quite obviously an emo.