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24 Forgotten Trends All Mid-'00s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Your hair didn't look good unless you had two greasy strands framing your face.

1. Tying your hair back into a greasy ponytail and pulling two strands out of the front to frame your face.

Bonus points if you straightened your hair to within an inch of its life first.

2. Giving your lips a frosted look with Lancôme Juicy Tubes.

3. Beating your friends at Dance Dance Revolution.

4. Anything Groovy Chick.

5. French manicures.

If you were really classy, you might have even added a diamante to your ring finger.

6. Collecting Neopoints so your Neopet wouldn't starve.

7. Modelling your entire look on Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, and Amanda Bynes.

At some point in your teenage years, you took a picture of one of these women to the hairdresser's and expected to come our looking just like them.

8. Going to Abercrombie & Fitch, buying the cheapest thing, and then keeping the bag forever.

9. Acting more stupid than you were because you idolised Jessica Simpson.

10. This Tiffany heart necklace and bracelet.

Or at least the fake ones.

11. And when they went out of style, it was all about Pandora bracelets.

12. Juicy Couture velour tracksuits with a slogan across the bum.

13. Chunky highlights.

The more colours you could cram in, the better.

14. Saying "that's hot".

15. But also, calling your friends things like "gorgeous", "cutie", and "sexual".

16. Wearing a studded belt and vehemently denying that you were going through an emo phase.

17. Watching Miami 7 and speculating over whether Hannah and Paul were more than just friends.

They were back then, and they are right now.

18. Off-the-shoulder tops.

19. TV makeover shows like 10 Years Younger and How To Look Good Naked.

Which often showed unnecessarily graphic surgical procedures.

20. Bohemian gypsy skirts that your parents described as "very modern".

21. Covering yourself in Johnson's Holiday Skin so you could look like LC from Laguna Beach.

Even though it stained your bedsheets and made your mum mad.

22. Wearing a dress over your jeans.

23. Scrunchies made out of fake hair that were a similar colour to your actual hair, but not actually the same colour.

24. And finally: wearing leggings and Uggs in the outside world.

Which is a look you still occasionally sport to the supermarket.