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22 Things People Who Aren't Into Music Understand

"What kind of music are you into?" *dies inside*

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1. "What kind of music are you into?" is the worst question anyone could possibly ask you.

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And you always answer with something horribly lame, like: "All sorts! A bit of everything! Just general music!"

2. And you'll never understand people who say music is their life.

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It's cool for them, but you'll never relate.

3. You'll happily drive long distances without music...

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Tbh, you kinda like the silence.

4. don't need to listen to music when you exercise...

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Why would you want to feel like you're in the club when you're having a nice jog outside?

5. don't put music on when you clean your flat...

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6. ...and you would never, ever listen to music as an ~activity~.

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It doesn't bother you when there's music playing in the background, but the thought of sitting down and listening to a whole album is very strange to you.

7. You've been known to ask people to turn the music down at house parties.

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If you can't hear each other talk, it's too loud.

8. And you have no problem with asking your driver to turn off the car radio if you're sitting in the backseat.

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Otherwise, how will you ever hear?

9. Not caring about music doesn't mean that you don't like dancing.


10. And you enjoy going to gigs and nightclubs as much as the next person.


It's just that you won't remember the music the next day.

11. When people talk about their favourite albums by a certain artist, you're totally lost.

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Even if you sat down and listened to them all, you'd never remember.

12. And you have no idea which artists belong to which genres of music.


It's all kind of the same to you.

13. Every now and again you consider getting ~into~ music. But when you properly think about it, you end up feeling overwhelmed.


Literally where would you start?

14. Being asked about your musical preferences on a first date is your greatest fear.

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You know that not committing to an answer makes you look desperately uncool, but there's nothing you can do about it.

15. Unlike most people, listening to a sad song doesn't really make you sad.


It doesn't really alter your mood at all.

16. And listening to a happy song doesn't necessarily make you happy either.

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17. In fact, sometimes you genuinely really enjoy just sitting in silence.

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It's the best way to collect your thoughts.

18. And you find listening to music while you work really distracting.

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You don't understand how people do this all day.

19. You find it cute when people fall in love based on similar music tastes.


In fact, you're kinda jealous that you'll never be able to do this.

20. You hardly ever sing along to stuff.

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It doesn't bother you when others do it; you just don't do it yourself.

21. And you'd never think to put music on.

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But you must remember that even though you don't mind sitting in silence, other people might find a silent house very creepy.

22. But you're perfectly happy, and that's the most important thing.