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22 Things Everyone Who Cries Easily Just Gets

"Just so you know, I might cry in this fight, but that is not because I feel guilty. It just might happen."

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7. And hugging you when you're weeping just sets you off even more.

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Also then your tears get on their clothes, and that's always very awkward.


10. But you know that hungover crying is even worse than drunk crying.

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The only way to stop hungover crying is by eating a lot of carbs.

11. And the most annoying type of cry is the frustrated cry.

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Crying because you can't remember your internet banking log-in is pointless, but you can't help it.

12. You've never made it through the sad bit of a TV show or film without bawling your eyes out.


15. Except a wedding. There is no part of you that can handle a wedding.

Weddings r cool bc u can cry in public about other stuff as long as u look in the general direction of the bride + groom

And you don't cry delicately at weddings; you snotty cry.


17. And, if you wear makeup, you always opt for waterproof mascara.

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20. But sometimes you don't even know why you're crying.

Sorry Im late i was in the parking lot crying

This is the most confusing type of cry.