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23 Little Things People Who Do Pilates Just Get

"Can I just stay in the child's pose forever, please?"

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1. The first time you go, you realise that you've been standing up wrong for your entire life.

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"Have I always stuck my head out too far? Do people talk about it when I'm not there? Am I the girl with the really sticky-out head?"

2. And then you learn what standing up straight feels like and it's kinda mind-blowing.

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You'll soon realise that you've been sticking your bum out too much all this time.


3. Once you've had your posture corrected, you'll think about the way you're standing all the time — even when you're not at Pilates.

5. You'll feel very conscious of how your gym clothes are less professional-looking than everyone else's and you haven't painted your toenails in forever.

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6. When you first do a plank, your whole body will shake.

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Which will be super frustrating because your teacher will make it look really easy.

7. And, for some reason, your wrists will really hurt.

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You'll stop because it hurts, but your teacher will soldier on.


8. And doing leg circles will make you want to cry.

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Also, unless you're a Pilates superstar, your legs just won't be close to straight.

10. And there'll be times when you'll follow everything the teacher is saying, until they just ask something unreasonable of you.

11. When you're doing mat work, it'll feel a bit like you're giving yourself a back massage at the beginning.

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Rolling around on a mat is kind of fun.


14. But doing a roll back is somehow even more painful.

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For the first time in your life, you'll be able to feel your spine.

15. You'll find it incredibly infuriating when people ask whether Pilates is the same as yoga.


Yoga is lying down and breathing. Pilates is doing incredibly slow sit-ups for an hour.

16. And you'll hate your teacher a little bit more with every leg count they make you do.

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Why do all Pilates teachers think that counting very slowly at the end is a funny joke?


19. Also you do get to lie down on a mat in between doing horrible stretches, which is kind of cool.

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There aren't many exercise classes that let you lie down.

20. As soon as you get home from your Pilates class, you'll make the people you live with try out all the poses you did.


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