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26 Little Reminders That Charlotte Church Was A '00s Fashion Icon

The voice of an angel, the dress sense of Anna Wintour.

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1. From the moment Charlotte Church was born, she knew how to dress.

Henny Ray Abrams / Getty Images

2. She knew exactly how to pair a diamante emblazoned t-shirt with sequin cuffed jeans and a fake fur rimmed jacket.

Ross Setford / Getty Images

3. She knew how much sequins was the right amount of sequins.

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

4. And she understood the importance of coordinating your scrunchie with your dress lining.

Jason Kirk / Getty Images

5. She even had a goddamn Haribo jumper.

Ben Curtis / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

6. She was a pioneer of purple satin twin sets.

William Conran / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

7. A connoisseur of floor-length, white jackets.

Stefan Rousseau / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

8. And an absolute icon when it came to chunky knitwear.

Peter Jordan / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

9. Hell, she even made a hot pink shawl look glam.

William Conran / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

10. For Charlotte, the '00s was about hoop earrings, fringed skirts, and pulling two little strands of hair out of her ponytail.

Ps / ©

11. It was a decade for flamenco style dresses.

Barry Batchelor / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

12. Anklets.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

13. And some serious crimping.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

14. She looked good in those shirt/jumper combinations that you begged your mum to let you wear to school.

John Stillwell / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

15. She looked good in a bowler hat, floor-length sheepskin lined coat, and that belt.

All Action / All Action / Tony Brady

16. She even looked good in jeans that flared mid-way down the calf.

Doug Peters /

17. You wanted to be Charlotte when she wore a black leather hat.

©giselle / ©giselle/

18. And a diamante US flag necklace.

George De Sota / Getty Images

19. And this. Whatever this is.

Stefan Rousseau / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

20. Because Charlotte knew what was on trend. She knew that sleeves were overrated.

Barry Batchelor / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

21. As was the middle part of a dress.

Myung Jung Kim / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

22. And she simply didn't have time for wearing a top underneath her jacket.

Anthony Harvey / PA ARCHIVE IMAGES

23. You know what she did have time for though? Skinny scarves. And belts over t-shirts.

Jane Mingay / PA WIRE

24. And bold floral prints.

Suzan / Suzan/

25. Because, in the '00s, Charlotte Church was iconic.

Steve Reigate / PA/EMPICS

26. An absolute fashion icon.

Barry Batchelor / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency