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    27 Things Every '00s Girl Hoped They Would Achieve Some Day

    You basically just wanted to be Hermione.

    1. Owning your own mini TV like Justine from Tracy Beaker.

    CBBC / Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    Even better: a portable DVD player that you could watch on long car journeys.

    2. Stacking your Lunchables as high as you possibly could at lunch time.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    And then biting into the whole tower.

    3. Decorating your bedroom exactly like this.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    Those wall stickers were the literal coolest.

    4. Owning every single McDonald's mini beanie baby.

    Twitter: @sauttotarsicio

    You begged your mum to get you a Happy Meal every Friday after school.

    5. Being chosen to go on CBBC's Serious Desert, Serious Arctic, Serious Ocean, or Serious Jungle.

    CBBC / Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    Even if you didn't audition, you still wanted to be spotted and selected.

    6. Getting sent to a cool boarding school like Cackle's Academy.


    You'd obviously be friends with Mildred and Maud, not Ethel.

    7. Landing a role on Stitch Up! and literally getting paid to play pranks for a living.


    You'd also get to work alongside dreamy Calum.

    8. Being cast as the new Hermione when some producer eventually realised that Emma Watson was too beautiful for the role.

    Warner Bros.

    And then you could make Rupert Grint fall in love with you and everything would have been perfect.

    9. Owning one of these with your name on it.

    Shout out to everyone with a slightly unusual name who had to get theirs custom made.

    10. Marrying Gareth Gates.

    Twitter: @jess_a_simons

    And then having his babies and retiring together and having grandchildren together and spending every waking moment in each other's arms until the day you died.

    11. Becoming a teen author and writing the next The Prophecy Of The Stones.

    Miramax Books

    Flavia Bujor was 13!

    12. Making a million for your mum, like Taj on Kerching!


    And also being as beautiful as Missy.

    13. Having your talent discovered on a show like Popstars and then getting a makeover.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Mostly you just wanted Suzanne's hair extensions.

    14. Winning a best friend makeover in Mizz magazine.

    Twitter: @EllaDecember

    You entered all their competitions.

    15. Getting a photograph with an Abercrombie model in the doorway.

    Twitter: @devinswill

    You're not sure why this was so important but it really was.

    16. Having a fireman's pole between your bedroom and the kitchen like Mia Thermopolis.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    And you would have ditched Lily because she was an unsupportive best friend.

    17. Being pretty enough to go on Beauty And The Geek and then ultimately find your one true love.


    You knew it was sexist but you just didn't mind.

    18. Getting a Playboy belly bar.

    Twitter: @Fizzarcher

    Your mum would literally never let you but you'd beg her anyway.

    19. Finding someone like Landon who would spend their life making all your dreams come true.

    Warner Bros.

    Even though one of your dreams was to be a Sugababe and it's not obvious how he'd have done that.

    20. Coming home to this exact Myspace Mailbox every single day.

    Twitter: @_ESEKnowsBest

    There was no better feeling.

    21. Finding a pair of jeans that magically fitted you and your three best friends, even though you all had different body types.

    Warner Bros.

    But also just having friends as cool as these babes.

    22. Owning an actual pair of GHDs.

    Twitter: @carambalache

    Literally everyone's dream Christmas present.

    23. Being cool enough to be invited to someone's Super Sweet 16.


    Or even better: Having one yourself.

    24. Going to a Skins party and drinking actual alcohol.


    Can you imagine?

    25. Becoming famous by winning Celebrity Big Brother like Chantelle.

    Yui Mok / PA Archive/Press Association Images
    PA Archive/Press Association Images

    But also coordinating your entry and exit outfits this beautifully.

    26. Being selected to appear on Shipwrecked.

    Channel 4

    You'd also magically have a banging body before you went on TV.

    27. And finally, being rich enough to buy a house worthy of Cribs.


    Specifically, being able to give someone a tour of your shoe closet.

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