Is “Squinching” The Secret To Looking Amazing In Photos? Let’s Find Out

Want to look more photogenic? OMG READ THIS POST.

1. Portraitist Peter Hurley reckons he’s discovered the secret to taking an attractive photograph.

It’s called squinching, and it involves tightening the lower eyelid whilst lowering the top eyelid slightly.

“Want to know why?,” he asks in this handy video. “Because confidence comes from the eyes.”

2. First things first. Let’s deal with some FAQs.

3. Is squinching the same as squinting?

4. Will squinching make you look silly?

5. Does squinching make you appear instantly more attractive, sexy and self assured?

6. Obviously, we tried it out at BuzzFeed UK.

7. Here’s Scott, going from SO AVERAGE to SMOULDERING.


8. And Andrew, going from AWFUL to ASTONISHING.


9. Mel, going from MEDIOCRE to MESMERISING.


10. And Will, who goes from WEARY to WONDERFUL.


11. Here’s Luke, going from LOUSY to LOUCHE.


12. Cate, going from COMPLETELY AVERAGE to COR BLIMEY!


13. Here’s me, Tabatha, going from TERRIBLE to TASTY.


14. And Kim, going from KICKABLE to KISSABLE.


15. And Alan, going from ALRIGHT to A TOTAL BABE.


16. And finally, Jonathan, going from JUST MEH to JOLLY GOOD.


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Tabatha Leggett is head of buzz at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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