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    Is Anything More 1999 Than This S Club 7 Video?

    "Two In A Million" is the epitome of the late '90s.

    This is the single cover for "Two In A Million", the greatest song to have ever been sung.

    Now let's go back to 1999.

    The video kicks off with Jo sporting a thumb ring and showing off her barbed wire tattoo. You can see her bra straps under her vest top and there are two strands of hair framing her face. So far, so 1999.

    Then Hannah appears with the most '90s hairstyle we've ever seen.

    Next up, Paul contemplates the world with a shaved head and a sleveless hoodie.

    Enter Jo, complete with scrunchie, those hair strands and a spaghetti strap top.


    Jon, in a full length white coat, and Rachel, with a perfect central parting, are reading a magazine together. At a guess, it's probably Shout.

    A close up of Rachel reveals the best blue eyeshadow in the whole world ever.

    OMG check out Hannah's hair (again). OMG check out Tina's central parting. OMG check out Hannah's tattoo choker necklace.

    Also, let's dedicate a moment to Hannah's unreasonably heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Make up was so bold in 1999.

    Meanwhile, Rachel and Jo pat Smackers lipbalm onto their lips, having perfectly straightened their hair and put on chunky thumb rings.

    Bradley, Paul and Jon are having a shaving foam fight. Wearing vest tops. So very 1999.

    OMG (last time, I promise) HANNAH'S HAIR. Rachel's got her 1999 accessories down, and is sporting a leather choker and a chunky watch.

    Then Tina and Hannah contemplate wearing this sarong.

    It's time for an outfit change, and Rachel's opted for a backless, leather boob tube with a pointed finish that just about leaves her midriff bare. There are "peace" signs all round. 1999 was a very peaceful year.

    But Rachel's got nothing on Hannah, who has paired her leather boob tube dress with leather flares.


    Enjoy the whole video here.

    View this video on YouTube

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