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21 Insanely Useful Skills Every Cambridge Student Has Mastered

How to survive off 9p Basics noodles, for a start.

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2. How to get drunk off £1.50 Jägerbombs in Life and still make it to your 9am the next day.

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Even if it meant not being able to fall asleep for hours because of all the caffeine in your system.


4. How to cure a hangover with only a Tattie's baked potato.

You will never stop craving these after you leave.


11. And how to pace yourself through a May Ball so you made it through to breakfast bacon sandwiches.

You didn't care about the survivors' photo, but you did cared about the bacon.

12. How to get your photo on the wall at Gardies.

Buy cheesy chips twice a week, and you're guaranteed a spot on the wall.


13. How to down wine and strawpedo WKDs on demand.

And how to not throw up in the process.


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