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    19 Incredible GIFs And Illustrations Of "Girls"

    Via Girls Illustrated.

    1. Marnie, Jessa, Hannah and Shoshanna.

    2. Hannah.

    3. Ray and Charlie.

    4. Hannah and Jessa.

    5. Marnie, Jessa, Hannah and Shoshanna.

    6. Hannah.

    7. Marnie and Hannah.

    8. Hannah and Shoshanna.

    9. Hannah and Adam.

    10. Hannah.

    11. Shoshanna.

    12. Caroline and Adam.

    13. Shoshanna.

    14. Jessa.

    15. Shoshanna and Ray.

    16. Adam.

    17. Shoshanna and Ray.

    18. Hannah.

    19. Hannah and Jessa.

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