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    29 British Songs Everyone Under The Age Of 21 Needs To Listen To

    Consider this a musical education from your ancestors.

    1. "What Took You So Long?", Emma Bunton


    Emma Bunton was the best Spice Girl and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    2. "Because We Want To", Billie Piper


    Fun fact: "Because We Want To", aka the feminist anthem of the '00s, was the official song of the 1999 Women's World Cup.

    3. "Mickey", Lolly

    Radical Choice

    It was a school disco classic that will forever remain in our hearts.

    4. "Murder on the Dance Floor", Sophie Ellis-Bextor


    From the way she pronounced "dahhhnce floor" to her glittery green eyeshadow, everything about this song was iconic.

    5. "When You’re Gone", Mel C and Bryan Adams


    I genuinely feel bad that the kids of today weren't blessed with the same calibre of singer as we were.

    6. "Dreams", Gabrielle

    Go Beat

    When they finally make the movie of my life, this song will play over every significant life change montage.

    7. "Crazy Chick", Charlotte Church

    Sony BMG

    Pre- Gavin Henson, post- classical music Charlotte was iconic in every way.

    8. "Scandalous", Mis-Teeq


    Destiny's Child who?

    9. "Dumb", The 411

    Sony Music

    A true Sing Star classic.

    10. "Colourblind", Darius


    The kids of today may know him as an actor, they may have even seen that Pop Idol clip of his "Baby One More Time" cover, but have they heard this absolute banger??

    11. "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex", Rachel Stevens


    She was too good for S Club anyway.

    12. "Dy-na-mi-tee", Ms Dynamite


    Sing me every lyric or gtfo.

    13. "It Feels So Good", Sonique

    Phantom Sound

    This was the song of the summer.

    14. "Flowers", Sweet Female Attitude


    Everything from about this music video, from the Clip Art flowers to the frosted eyeshadow, screams '00s.

    15. "Anyone of Us", Gareth Gates


    If you didn't speculate over whether this song was about Jordan, what were you even doing in 2002?

    16. "21 Seconds", So Solid Crew


    If you don't end up singing this every time you do karaoke, you can see yourself out.

    17. "Power of a Woman", Eternal


    The theme of every single one of my hen dos will be based on this song, and this song alone.

    18. "Look At Me", Geri Halliwell


    I will never forgive Geri for abandoning the Spice Girls but I can't deny that she released some timeless classics.

    19. "7 Days", Craig David


    He may be back in the charts, but the children of today need to understand why he's here and what he did Monday-Sunday.

    20. "Whole Again", Atomic Kitten


    The hairstyle that all three of Atomic Kitten have in this video was the hairstyle of the '00s.

    21. "Pure Shores", All Saints

    London Records

    Back when girl groups were just allowed to dress comfy, this was an absolute tune.

    22. "Perfect Moment", Martine McCutcheon


    If you only recognise Martine McCutcheon from Love Actually then shame on you.

    23. "Out Of Your Mind" True Steppers and Dane Bowers ft. Victoria Beckham


    Idk why people say Victoria Beckham can't sing because ummmm she clearly can??

    24. "Ugly", Sugababes


    Such a responsible message, such a poignant music video, SUCH A GOOD BAND.

    25. "Leave Right Now", Will Young


    OK he clearly shouldn't have won Pop Idol. But "Leave Right Now" was a 10/10 tune and there's no denying it.

    26. "Nu Flow", Big Brovaz


    An absolute pre-drinking classic.

    27. "These Words", Natasha Bedingfield


    Everyone knows "Unwritten" because of The Hills but "These Words" was her best work. There, I said it.

    28. "I Turn To You", Melanie C


    Legitimately the greatest song ever recorded.

    29. "Reach", S Club 7


    The only thing more perfect than the song itself is that rainbow dance move everyone used to do.