36 Things People Say After Break Ups That Would Be Creepy At Any Other Time


1. “I’m here.”

picgifs.com / Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

2. “Just thinking of you.”

nuhkalbert.blogspot.co.uk / Company Pictures

3. “Let’s stay in tonight and burn photographs.”

justgif.com / Chernin

4. “There’s that smile.”

5. “You’re so special.”

splatter.com / Chernin

6. “Why don’t you just stay in and cry tonight?”

7. “He’ll regret this.”

8. “Let me feed you.”

Universal Pictures / Via gurl.com

9. “You don’t know your own strength.”

10. “Crying is cleansing.”

uk.eonline.com / 19 Entertainment

11. “Let’s talk about you.”

12. “You’re worth so much.”

britneyspearsgifs.tumblr.com / 19 Entertainment

13. “You’re so pretty.”

carrieeotk.blogspot.co.uk / Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

14. “You’re so young.”

carrieeotk.blogspot.co.uk / Castle Rock Entertainment

15. “Let’s eat your feelings.”

heckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com / Via The Office / NBC

16. “What shall we do to him?”

victorious.wikia.com / Via Big Machine Records

17. “This is the beginning of a new you.”

popcultureperversion.com / Via Parks and Recreation / NBC

19. “Let me take you home.”

babyfoodforcreatives.com / Harpo Productions

20. “Let it all out.”

21. “Don’t make any decisions right now.”

gurl.com / FOX

22. “Let’s cut your hair!”

giphy.com / FOX

23. “Here, I made you a mix tape.”

reactiongifs.com / FremantleMedia

24. “What goes around comes around.”

glee.wikia.com / Warner Bros. Entertainment

25. “Cry if you want. No one can hear.”

26. “Want me to beat him up?”

s586.photobucket.com / Via Glee / FOX

27. “You’re so pretty when you cry.”

28. “Just take some time for yourself.”

imgur.com / Via NBC

29. “Let’s call your mum.”

30. “Are you keeping busy?”

31. “Look at you acting all brave.”

s1.zetaboards.com / Via Glee / FOX

32. “Just know that you’re never alone.”

1directionselection.tumblr.com / Via Pretty Little Liars / ABC

33. “You don’t even look like you’ve been crying.”

34. “You shouldn’t be on your own right now.”

35. “Look, why don’t you sleep at mine tonight?”

Winter’s Bone Productions / Via gurl.com


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