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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    23 Unforgettable Things All '00s Teens Did Every Autumn

    Time for Starbucks coffees, new pencil cases, and X Factor.

    1. Got holiday souvenirs for all your school friends, but inevitably offended the one girl you forgot.

    2. Went on a back-to-school trip to WH Smiths and stressed about which pencil case to buy.

    You mostly wanted the Playboy one, but your mum objected.

    3. Before having a very heated debate over what constitutes an appropriate school shoe with your mum at Clarks.

    She wanted you to get a sensible pair of Hush Puppies, and you vehemently disagreed.

    4. Slathered your body in fake tan so it looked like you got really tanned on holiday.

    If you were fancy, you used a tanning mitt. Otherwise, you made-do with the streaky look.

    5. Saved up all your pocket money so you could spend it all on sweets at tuck.

    £1 got you so much.

    6. Gave yourself a French manicure, because it was the only manicure you could get away with at school.

    Flickr: 71894657@N00

    Plus, it was super glam.

    7. Felt really grown up getting take out coffee from Starbucks on your way home from school, even though you were basically just drinking heated sugar.

    8. Persuaded your parents that you needed Jack Wills jogging bottoms for P.E.

    You spent hours going through the Autumn Handbook.

    9. Moaned about school lunches, even though you actually kinda loved them.

    You'd love to eat potato smilies for lunch everyday now.

    10. Especially the puddings.

    Cornflake cake, jam roly poly, and general sponge with custard ftw.

    11. Played Neopets in the I.T. room when it was too cold to go outside for lunch.

    For some reason, you played this near your friends but you didn't actually talk.

    12. Invested in a skinny scarf, which was perfect for the kinda-hot-kinda-cold weather.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    And if Ashlee Simpson had one, you knew it was cool.

    13. Had lots of warm baths with Boots 3-for-2 bath pearls.

    Or Lush bath bombs if your mum had treated you.

    14. Developed an intense X Factor crush on one of the young male contestants.

    Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

    And you were competitive about your crush. You fancied him the most.

    15. Spent most of your time telling dads who thought they were being funny that no you were not cold because of the gap in your fleece.

    And no, it didn't stand for "gay and proud" either.

    16. Wore your knitted poncho to every party you were invited to because it was your coolest item of clothing.

    And also it was incredibly snug.

    17. Stocked up on Claire's Accessories studs because that's all your school uniform code would allow you to wear.

    Luckily they were always on 3-for-2.

    18. Begged your mum for one of these hairbands.

    Especially if you had an unusual name that you couldn't normally get on things.

    19. Covered your homework diary in Bang On The Door stickers.

    You wanted to be Groovy Chick.

    20. Got really into after school TV like Tracy Beaker and Stitch Up!


    But also My Parents Are Aliens and Big Kids.

    21. Refused to leave the house unless you were wearing your new, knitted Uggs.

    22. Got a cropped puffer jacket with a fur-lined hood from the market in town.


    And wore it day-in-day-out.

    23. And organised Top Of The Pops sleepovers every Friday night until the end of time.


    Those Sugababes dance routines weren't going to learn themselves.

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