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28 Of The Most Iconic Lines From "Skins"

"Look up if you like me."

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1. Sid and Cassie's first conversation:

2. And Cassie trying to work out whether he fancied her:


3. Cassie thinking that Sid was sending her messages:

4. But finally realising that he did care:

5. And Sid realising that Cassie liked him too:

6. Sid finally confronting Tony:

7. And standing up for Michelle:

8. Michelle asking Tony to say what she wanted to hear:

9. And Tony finally telling her how he felt:


10. But only remembering what he said months later:


11. Anthea talking to Effy when her whole world was falling apart:


12. Sid breaking down just before he turned to Michelle:


13. Cassie telling Chris what getting over Sid felt like:


14. Michelle bursting into tears in front of Angie:

15. Cassie telling Sid exactly what he had become to her:


16. And describing love to Jal:

17. Sid turning to Tony for advice when his father died:

18. And Tony telling Sid what their friendship meant to him:


19. Jal putting things into perspective for Chris:


20. Tony telling Chris that he was determined to turn his life around:

21. Chris opening up to Jal about his childhood:

22. And explaining how she changed his life:

23. Michelle supporting Jal through her abortion:


24. And being there for Jal when she lost Chris:

25. Cassie reminding Sid that Michelle wasn't his only option:


26. And realising that she had properly fallen for him:

27. Tony opening up to Sid:

28. And finally, Jal's perfect speech at Chris' funeral: