How Much Of An "O.C." Fan Were You Actually?

So you think you know The O.C.?

  1. Tick everything that applies to you.
    1. 1 You’ve watched every episode at least once.
    2. 2 You’ve watched every episode at least 5 times.
    3. 3 You’ve watched every episode at least 10 times.
    4. 4 You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve seen each episode.
    5. 5 Especially “The Heights”.
    6. 6 And “The Mallpisode”.
    7. 7 Sometimes you watch “The Heights” and “The Mallpisode” back-to-back because no couple has ever been as perfect as Ryan and Marissa.
    8. 8 Because they were neighbours.
    9. 9 And he faced his fear of heights just to kiss her.
    10. 10 And he made it to Oliver’s New Year party in the nick of time.
    11. 11 But you love Seth and Summer too.
    12. 12 Because he was her destiny.
    13. 13 And he named his boat after her.
    14. 14 And he stood on a table to declare his feelings.
    15. 15 You have some pretty strong feelings about the time Seth considered dating Anna.
    16. 16 Anna and Seth were better off as friends.
    17. 17 And she had a silly voice.
    18. 18 But it wasn’t as bad as the time Ryan dated Lindsay.
    19. 19 Lindsay was such a wet blanket.
    20. 20 But even she wasn’t as bad as Taylor Townsend.
    21. 21 You literally can’t think about Taylor Townsend without getting angry.
    22. 22 You’re fully in love with Sandy Cohen.
    23. 23 Especially his eyebrows.
    24. 24 And the way he supported Kirsten through her alcoholism.
    25. 25 Thinking about his co-worker Rachel makes you sad.
    26. 26 But thinking about his first love Rebecca makes you even sadder.
    27. 27 Which you know is silly, because Sandy would never cheat on Kirsten.
    28. 28 You have a favorite season.
    29. 29 It definitely isn’t season 4.
    30. 30 You have very strong feelings about Johnny.
    31. 31 You don’t understand what Marissa saw in him.
    32. 32 You secretly hoped that your parents would adopt someone who had stolen a car.
    33. 33 Even though it would have been problematic because then you’d have fancied your brother.
    34. 34 You needed a few days to recover when Luke got with Holly in TJ.
    35. 35 You needed a few weeks to recover when Jimmy told Marissa he was going away.
    36. 36 You needed a few months to recover when Marissa OD’d on pain killers.
    37. 37 You are still not over Marissa’s death and you probably never will be.
    38. 38 You wish you looked as hot as Summer in a Wonder Woman outfit.
    39. 39 You never understood how Kaitlin aged so suddenly.
    40. 40 And it blows your mind to think that Alex nearly played Marissa.
    41. 41 You can’t imagine a world in which Summer was only a supporting character.
    42. 42 And you’re still angry with Mischa Barton for giving away the season 3 ending an hour before it aired.
    43. 43 You tried to persuade your parents to celebrate Christmukkah.
    44. 44 Or at least to invite the homeless in for dinner.
    45. 45 They said no.
    46. 46 You have a favorite Christmukkah episode.
    47. 47 Seeing Ryan’s Christmukkah stocking hanging beside Seth’s makes your heart melt.
    48. 48 You strongly suspect this is the year Christmukkah will sweep the nation.
    49. 49 You’ll never forgive Julie for sleeping with Luke.
    50. 50 But you admire her sassiness.
    51. 51 Whenever Oliver pops up in an episode, you have to fast forward.
    52. 52 Same goes for Zach.
    53. 53 You hope that someone will set up a tent on the beach for you one day.
    54. 54 You have a favourite “OC” guest star.
    55. 55 It’s not Chris Brown.
    56. 56 It’s not Steve-O.
    57. 57 It’s probably Paris Hilton.
    58. 58 Until you-know-what happened, Volchok was your ideal man.
    59. 59 His abs.
    60. 60 His eyes.
    61. 61 His raw sexual energy.
    63. 63 You don’t like thinking about Theresa.
    64. 64 Although you admired the way Ryan dealt with her pregnancy.
    65. 65 Ryan’s relationship with his mother warms your heart.
    66. 66 Because he loves her.
    67. 67 And respects her.
    68. 68 And looks out for her.
    69. 69 Even though she hurt him.
    70. 70 You have a lot of feelings about Caleb and Julie.
    71. 71 And also about Hailey and Jimmy.
    72. 72 You can’t watch the beginning of Season 2.
    73. 73 But as soon as Jimmy and Julie get back together, you’re OK.
    74. 74 You wish you were as hot as Alex.
    75. 75 Because she got to kiss Marissa AND Seth.
    76. 76 If there’s one lesson you learnt from Julie, it’s never to make a sex tape.
    77. 77 You have mixed emotions about Trey.
    78. 78 You think he’s hot.
    79. 79 But you can’t forgive what he did to Marissa.
    80. 80 And, by proxy, Ryan.
    81. 81 Dean Hess makes you feel physically sick.
    82. 82 You were very confused when Ryan got with Caleb’s date.
    83. 83 You think Taylor’s marriage break-down was a weak storyline.
    84. 84 But it had nothing on the earthquake.
    85. 85 Or Seth’s drug problem.
    86. 86 Even though you’re delighted that Ryan made it to Berkeley.
    87. 87 You know he went on to do great things.
    88. 88 But most importantly, he made Sandy proud.
    89. 89 You think Julie and Bullit may be the most perfect, unlikely couple that ever was.
    90. 90 You admired the way in which Julie dealt with living in a trailer.
    91. 91 You grew up with “The OC”.
    92. 92 You can’t imagine life without “The OC”.
    93. 93 You lived through all of the drama.
    94. 94 You felt real emotions.
    95. 95 Especially when Marissa threw that chair into the pool.
    96. 96 And when Ryan told Julie that Marissa didn’t want her.
    97. 97 Season 4’s flashback episode makes you weep uncontrollably.
    98. 98 Particularly when you remember that Ryan saved Marissa’s life in TJ.
    99. 99 And gave her a few more years.
    100. 100 Because he was whoever she wanted him to be.

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