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How Much Of A "Sex And The City" Fan Were You Actually?

"We're so over we need a new word for over."

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  1. 1. Tick every statement that applies to you.

    You've watched every episode.
    You've watched every episode more than once.
    You've watched both films.
    You've watched both films more than once.
    The films had nothing on the series.
    Particularly the second film.
    But you're hoping they'll make a third anyway.
    You can't believe that there hasn't been a new episode in a decade.
    Or that, if "Sex And The City" were real, Brady would turn 12 this year.
    You know which "Sex And The City" girl you are.
    You're not Carrie.
    You know which "Sex And The City" girl all your friends are.
    None of them are Carrie.
    But you do narrate your life in Carrie-style questions.
    You don't know whether it's smarter to follow your heart or your head.
    Or whether we need drama to make relationships work.
    Or whether it's possible to believe in love at first sight.
    Or why it's always something.
    You come down strongly on one side of the Big vs. Aidan debate.
    But also on the Trey vs. Harry debate.
    And the Richard vs. Smith debate.
    You're still mad at Samantha for breaking up with him.
    He shaved his head for her!
    You needed a few days to recover after Aidan and Carrie's breakup at Charlotte's wedding.
    You have a lot of opinions about "Sex And The City" weddings.
    Charlotte and Trey's was too perfect to work out.
    Charlotte and Harry's was so wrong it was right.
    Big and Carrie's was (eventually) so them.
    But Miranda and Steve's was the most touching.
    Particularly the part when Samantha tells the girls she's got breast cancer.
    And everyone reacts exactly as they should have.
    You know that your soul mates are your friends.
    And that you're contractually obliged to curse the days their exes were born.
    You're kind of jealous of the Carrie-Charlotte-Miranda-Samatha friendship square.
    You worry that your friends aren't as close as them.
    You never understood why Aidan took Carrie back.
    Or why she was so cruel to him.
    And even though you hated her, you felt sorry for Natasha when she fell down those stairs.
    And when Carrie turned up to lunch with her.
    Actually, Natasha seemed like quite a nice lady.
    You never understood how those women could afford such great appartments.
    Especially Carrie.
    And you never understood how she funded her shoe habit.
    You thought it was a bit unreasonable when she asked Charlotte for money.
    And you never understood how Charlotte looked so perfect all of the time.
    You have a favorite guest star.
    It's Jon Bon Jovi as Seth.
    No. It's Kat Dennings as Jenny Bier.
    No. It's John Slattery as Bill Keeley.
    You were so grossed out when he tried to pee on Carrie.
    It was almost as bad as the time Berger broke up with her via Post-It note.
    Or the time Alexander called Charlotte "you fucking bitch, you fucking whore".
    Or the time Doug used the toilet in front of Miranda.
    But nothing was as bad as the time James' penis wasn't big enough for Samantha.
    You can't believe Carrie's tutu in the opening credits only cost $5.
    Or that Sarah Jessica Parker refused to do full nudity.
    Or that Cynthia Nixon isn't a natural redhead.
    Or that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall hated each other IRL.
    In your head, they're best friends.
    You wish "Jules & Mimi" were real.
    You also wish you were brave enough to be try-sexual.
    And you've vowed never to send your boyfriend to help your friend if she puts her back out.
    Or to lie about being an air hostess.
    When you think about Miranda's mother's funeral, you still well up.
    Especially the part where Samantha tells Miranda she's sorry.
    And the part where Carrie gets up to walk her down the aisle.
    Aiden's proposal still makes you cringe.
    Whereas Harry's gives you goose bumps.
    Although you're not sure you'd convert to Judaism for a guy.
    You're so pleased Miranda finally told Steve she loved him.
    You hope you'll find a man who is as kind as Steve.
    Or as bold as Big.
    Or as fit as Smith.
    Or as perfect as Harry.
    You'd even tolerate him leaving tea bags around the house.
    And having a hairy back.
    And being kind of sweaty
    Big flying out to Paris made your heart skip a beat.
    As did Smith waiting for Samantha to finish having sex with Richard.
    You suspect Smith may be the perfect man.
    You're in awe of how easily those women picked up men.
    Especially that monk.
    You have a favourite series.
    It's not series 6.
    You really felt for Miranda when her housekeeper judged her.
    And for Samantha when everyone in her appartment block judged her.
    But what really broke your heart was when she tricked Richard into saying he loved her.
    Richard was so slimy.
    But even he wasn't as bad as Bunny MacDougal.
    You admired Carrie's dedication to wearing heels.
    Actually, you admired most of Carrie's impractical clothing.
    You tried getting into "The Carrie Diaries".
    It wasn't the same.
    You have very strong feelings about Alexandr Petrovsky.
    You cringed every time Carrie called him "The Russian".
    Or "My Lover".
    But also when he read her poetry.
    And when they danced in McDonald's.
    He wasn't right for her.
    You'll never love anyone as much as you love yourself.

How Much Of A "Sex And The City" Fan Were You Actually?

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