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    House Prices In The North Vs. House Prices In London

    Let's all move to Bolton.

    1. Price: £100,000.

    You could get this gorgeous four-bedroom town house in Stoke-on-Trent.

    It comes with a garden, natch.

    Or this one-bed flat on Barking Road, which is an hour's journey from central London.

    It is above Andy's salon, though, which does all men's styles.

    2. Price: £200,000.

    You could buy this 4-bedroom Edwardian terraced house in Sunderland.

    With original Edwardian features and its own electronic gate.

    Or this one-bedroom maisonette in Nunhead.


    Which does have double glazing.

    3. Price: £250,000.

    You could get this five-bedroom semi-detached house in Bradford.

    It has three floors and its garden is incredible.

    Or this one-bedroom flat near Shepherd's Bush.


    But look how close your local barber would be!

    4. Price: £300,000.

    You could buy this five-bedroom terrace house in Sunderland.

    This three-floor house comes with a conservatory and and studio space in the garden.

    Or this two-bedroom flat in Wandsworth.


    But, but, but, it does have a balcony.

    5. Price: £350,000.

    You could get this three-bedroom cottage with an Edwardian turret in West Yorkshire.

    A turret! An actual turret!

    Or this one-bedroom flat in Hackney.

    All four rooms of it.

    6. Price: £400,000.

    You could buy this four-bedroom detached house with a self-contained ground floor apartment in Hull.

    Its self-contained apartment has its own conservatory, obvs.

    Or this one-bedroom apartment in Paddington.


    To be fair, it does come with access to a communal garden.

    7. Price: £500,000.

    You could get this lovely six-bedroom house in Barrow-in-Furness.


    It has a greenhouse!

    Or this one-bedroom apartment on a main road near Old Street.

    In a block of 81 flats.

    8. Price: £550,000.

    You could buy this five-bedroom detached house in Crosby.

    Featuring stripped oak flooring, beamed ceilings throughout and a huge garden.

    Or this two-bedroom maisonette above an estate agents in Islington.


    I suppose it's kind of near the tube.

    9. Price: £600,000.

    You could get this five-bedroom country house with stables for four and 2.8 acres of land in Bolton.


    So this house has a sauna, a polytunnel, four reception rooms, four stables, a sand area for your horses, a chicken house and a summerhouse.

    Or this one-bedroom flat above a shop in Marylebone.


    In fairness, it does have six whole rooms.

    10. Price: £1,000,000.

    You could get this five-bedroom 18th century house WITH A LAKE in Yorkshire.

    Wine cellars, a billards room AND A LAKE.

    Or this spacious one-bedroom apartment in Mayfair.

    It has four rooms. The kitchen looks smaller than the length of my body.

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