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The 12 Hottest Cricketers Of The Ashes

Footballers? Pah. It's all about cricketers this summer.

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12. Matt Prior, England

I've included wicket-keeper Matt Prior for all you beard fans out there. I'm not sure this stubble does it for me, but once he gave a pile of kit to a fan who lost his luggage on the way to a match so he wins niceness points.

11. Graeme Swann, England

Spin bowler Graeme Swann scores extra points for two things. 1. He's a part-time musician. 2. He once got caught drink-driving and told police he was driving to a hardware shop to buy tools because his cat was trapped under his floorboards AND GOT AWAY WITH IT.


8. Kevin Pietersen, England

A rogue choice. This batsman sported a peroxide blond streak in his hair during 2005's Ashes and he's married to Liberty X's Jessica Taylor. But he does look a bit like Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews.


1. Alastair Cook, England

OH HELLO PERFECT MAN. He's the captain of the team and an opening batsman, looks like Henry Cavill, and he's 6'2". Is there anything wrong with this god? Yes, actually. He's married. To his childhood sweetheart. Dammit.


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