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22 Home Libraries That Will Give You Serious Reading Goals

Time to snuggle up with a book.

1. Imagine coming home to this.

2. Imagine having a really rough day at work, heading straight up to your attic, and picking out a good book.

3. Imagine spending a rainy weekend afternoon in here.

4. Imagine having a spare few hours and settling down in this gorgeously chaotic room.

5. Imagine having guests over, giving them a tour, and saying, "This old room? It's just my home library."

6. Imagine hosting fancy brunches here.

7. Imagine putting your feet up, curling up underneath a cosy blanket, and getting stuck into an old book.

8. Imaging snuggling up on this sofa in the winter.

9. Imagine looking at the rain outside, and settling down here with a good book and a fluffy dog.

10. Imagine the satisfaction you'd get from putting this bookcase together.

11. Imagine the thrill of looking through your collection and finding a classic that you haven't read for years.

12. Imagine how much fun you'd have filling these shelves.

13. Imagine making yourself a nice cup of tea, putting together a plate of biscuits, and heading straight to your library.

14. Imagine entering this room literally through the bookcase.

15. Imagine waking up and heading here first thing.

16. Imagine sitting down here and getting some writing done.

17. Imagine how inspired you'd feel.

18. How creative you'd become.

19. How comfortable you'd be.

20. Imagine how much fun organising these books would be.

21. How perfect the light in this room is for reading.

22. And how many perfect evenings you'd while away here.

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