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    24 Heinous "Looks" Every '00s Girl Tried For A Bit

    Never again.

    1. Wearing a tie that was 100% unnecessary.

    JK / EMPICS Entertainment
    PA Images

    If Avril Lavigne could make it look cool, so could you.

    2. Coloured, tinted sungalsses

    William Conran / PA Archive/PA Images
    PA Images
    PA Images

    This was pretty much the chicest summer look there was.

    3. Jumpers with holes for your thumbs.

    Twitter: @tinyterra153

    If your jumpers didn't come with holes already in them, you pushed your thumbs through and made them yourself.

    4. The chunkiest skater trainers you could possibly find.

    Bonus points if you replaced your laces with glow in the dark ones.

    5. Black berets.

    PA Images
    PA Images
    Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

    This was the classiest look of the '00s.

    6. Wearing Uggs, even if it was hot outside.

    Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
    PA Images
    PA Images

    The ultimate look was obviously Uggs with a denim mini skirt. But there wasn't an outfit that wasn't enhanced by the addition of Uggs.

    7. This exact belt.

    Twitter: @GlowSparkles

    It looked like an plane seatbelt buckle and you were into it.

    8. Getting horrendously long hair extensions

    PA Images
    PA Images
    PA Images

    The more colours you got, the better.

    9. Tights that has been purposely laddered.

    Twitter: @k_leexjx

    Such a rebellious look.

    10. Thongs that were visible when you bent over.

    Hutton Archive / Getty

    Such a ~flirty~ look.

    11. Pairing a gypsy skirt with a top that showed your midriff.

    Jean/All Action Digital
    PA Images
    PA Images

    So boho.

    12. Wearing a dress over your jeans.

    PA Images
    Frank Barlow / EMPICS Entertainment
    PA Images

    You didn't have to choose between outfits in the '00s; you could just wear them all at once.

    13. Emo belts.

    Twitter: @akitxru

    If you were really cool, you wore the buckle on your hips.

    14. Wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

    PA Images
    PA Images
    Getty Images

    These could be glam or shabby chic. They were easily the most versatile look of the '00s.

    15. Tammy T-shirts with slogans about ~girl power~ on them.

    Tbf you would still wear these now.

    16. Ponchos.

    Anthony Harvey / PA Archive/PA Images
    PA Images
    PA Images

    Omggggg so comfy.

    17. Normal clothes, but with a waistcoat on top.

    PA Images
    PA Images
    Doug Peters/PA Images

    Waistcoats gave your outfit that desirable business vibe.

    18. This exact dress from River Island.

    Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

    If you didn't own this dress, you wanted it.

    19. Teeny tiny shrugs.

    PA Images
    PA Images
    Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

    It was important to keep your shoulders warm in the '00s.

    20. Low-rise jeans with a denim corset attached to the top.

    Wearing these made you feeling like you were in the Sugababes.

    21. Pairing a blazer with jeans.

    PA Images
    PA Images
    Lucy / EMPICS Entertainment

    This look was a very literal interpretation of what ~smart casual~ means.

    22. Coloured footless tights.

    So kooky.

    23. Pashminas with every single outfit.

    Flickr: katietegtmeyer

    There was no outfit a pashmina wouldn't improve.

    24. Excessive faux fur.

    Doug Peters / PA Images
    PA Images
    PA Images

    So glam.

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