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18 Heartbreaking Struggles Every Sim Will Understand

Being a Sim is tough.

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1. When you have to eat pancakes for breakfast every day because that's all you know how to make. / Electronic Arts

2. When you get robbed by the most obvious robbers ever and somehow you don't notice. / Electronic Arts

3. When the Grim Reaper shows up unannounced. / Electronic Arts

4. When "rosebud" gets forgotten, so you're very tired and hungry. / Electronic Arts

5. When your pet loses its shit and ruins your furniture. / Electronic Arts

6. When a plant pot is blocking your path and you can't move it. / Electronic Arts

7. When you go for a swim and the stairs disappear so you just drown. / Electronic Arts

8. When your S.O. adopts a baby while you're at work. / Electronic Arts

9. When your house burns down for the 100th time in a week. / Electronic Arts

10. When you just want to live your life, but you can't get rid of the ghost. / Electronic Arts

11. When your neighbour kicks over your flamingo. / Electronic Arts

12. When you forget to turn off the stereo before you go to bed so you wake up immediately. / Electronic Arts

13. When your neighbour suddenly gets aggressive for no reason. / Electronic Arts

14. When you have to water your flowers every single day because for some reason it never rains. / Electronic Arts

15. When you meet someone and then two minutes later you're married and trying for a baby. / Electronic Arts

16. When someone puts your baby in the bin. / Electronic Arts

17. When your house suddenly changes layout and you don't know where anything is anymore.

18. When you find your husband sleeping with the maid. Again. / Electronic Arts