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22 Hairstyles From 2007 That Should Make A Comeback In 2017

Bring back mini quiffs and Bumpits.

1. Dying the top of your hair a shade of yellow-blonde and the bottom of your hair black

This look was the coolest when you tied your hair into a ponytail because then the two colours were the most obvious.

2. Pinning your fringe back into a small quiff / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
John Li/Stringer / Via Getty Images

Your mum told you off for backcombing your fringe but you didn't care.

3. Or just clipping your fringe straight back

Warner Bros.

In 2007, it was cool to have a fringe but lame to allow it to cover your forehead.

4. Giving your hair more volume by using a Bumpit

5. Tying your hair into bunches with bobbles going all the way down them

Disney Channel

Bonus points if your bobbles matched the outfit you were wearing.

6. Getting chunky highlights in every colour imaginable

George De Sota / Getty Images

If you were allowed to get these, you automatically became the coolest girl in school.

7. Pulling two strands of hair out of your ponytail to frame your face

Touchstone Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

The longer and greasier the strands, the better.

8. Straightening your fringe and curling your hair

Evan Agostini / Getty Images
Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

And not splitting up your curls at all, so they just kind of clumped together.

9. Dying your hair jet black and then backcombing it until its texture resembled straw

Getty Images

And not caring when your not-black roots started to show.

10. Turning your head upside down and then securing your hair's positioning with a headband

Twitter: @Liliana_Conchy

This made you look like you were in a band.

11. Sleeping with these in your hair to give yourself perfect curls

Twitter: @Y333Reviews

If you put them in while your hair was still wet, your curls became even tighter.

12. Dying your hair this specific shade of red

Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment

This was hands down the coolest hair colour in 2007.

13. Gathering your hair into a low-slung side ponytails

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

If you were really pro at hairdressing, you may have even twisted some hair around the base of the ponytail to hide your hair bobble.

14. Scraping your fringe back with a zig-zag hairband

Fox Searchlight Pictures

For a ~sporty~ look.

15. Fashioning the kind of fringe that started at the ear on the opposite side of your face and covered at least 50% of your eyes

Twitter: @mislayla

This was the edgiest look of 2007.

16. Getting an asymmetrical bob

Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment
Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment
Francis Specker /PA Archive/PA Images

Posh Spice's pob really kicked off a trend.

17. Wearing both a headband and a ponytail simultaneously

Twitter: @JessyAlexandra

A very sixth form look.

18. Getting very long hair extensions from Claire's

Errol Griffith / EMPICS Entertainment

They didn't need to look real, they just needed to reach your waist.

19. Using a giant clip to pin back the front section of your hair

So stylish.

20. Using hair pins with dice on them

These proved that you were really ~quirky~.

21. Flicking out your bob with curling tongs

Francis Specker / EMPICS Entertainment

So chic.

22. Tying your hair into a ponytail and them backcombing it

Twitter: @KaiaMaeLagos

This look only worked if you dressed head-to-toe in Jack Wills.

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