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    21 Beauty Mistakes Every '00s Girl Has Made It Through

    Congratulations on making it through the '00s.

    1. Over-plucking your eyebrows to the thickness of one hair.

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    If your eyebrows were more than one hair wide, you were considered profoundly unfashionable.

    2. Bleaching your hair on top and dyeing it black underneath.

    For some reason, it was all about the contrast in the '00s.

    3. Coating your eyelashes in up to six layers of mascara.

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    The more lashes you could get to clump together, the better.

    4. Applying shimmery pastel eyeshadow to your eyelids.

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    Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

    So glamorous!

    5. Covering your face and chest in sooooo much bronzer.

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    You wanted to look like you were from The O.C., but realistically, you just looked like a tangerine.

    6. Getting a feathered haircut and then flipping out the bottoms of your hair with curling tongs.

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    Suzan Moore/EMPICS Entertainment
    Suzan Moore/EMPICS Entertainment

    It was all about the ~TeXtUrE~.

    7. Using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.

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    It was very important that your entire face was one colour.

    8. Giving yourself chunky highlights from a Superdrug packet.

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    The bigger the difference between your two hair colours, the better.

    9. Wearing a very thick plastic headband that did not pull any of your hair back.

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    They were always either black or white.

    10. Side ponytails.

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    Wearing a side pony made you feel like a pop star.

    11. Giving your hair some volume by using a Bumpit.

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    You got one from the queueing aisle of Poundland and used it for a week until it snapped.

    12. Drawing circles on your cheeks with blusher.

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    It was chic to always look a little bit flushed back then.

    13. Lining your entire eye (i.e., not just your top lid) with Bad Gal eyeliner.


    The goal was to look like Effy from Skins.

    14. Over-straightening your hair.

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    It probably took years of deep-conditioning treatments to get your hair back to normal.

    15. Covering your chest in a body glitter bar from Lush.

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    This was your go-to-school disco look.

    16. The pob.

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    Short hair of the same length was soooo drab in the '00s.

    17. Concealing your entire lips.

    Having lips was something to be secretive about back then.

    18. Or just covering them in Juicy Tubes lip gloss.

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    19. Pulling two greasy strands out of your ponytail to frame your face.

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    So pretty.

    20. Lining your lips in a much darker colour than your lipstick.

    A purple lip liner and a pink lipstick was considered a very good combination.

    21. And, of course, side fringes in general.

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    If it looked like you only had one eye, you were doing it right.