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23 Garden Sheds That Will Make You Feel Warm And Cosy Inside

Time to start saving.

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1. This stylish shed with its turquoise door and its perfectly furnished veranda.

Instagram: @therealcarpenterjoe

2. This mismatched shed that I'd like at the bottom of my imaginary garden, please.

Instagram: @minnamatildadesigns

3. This navy blue shed, nestled away under a gorgeous cherry blossom.

Instagram: @dhimmelf

4. This shed, which has been lovingly designed and furnished.

Instagram: @salcoulthard

5. This wooden shed, which would truly make you feel at one with nature.

Instagram: @nicopollock

6. This little potting shed, which is every aspiring gardener's dream.

Instagram: @catherinearensberg

7. This writer's shed, with its desk just basking in the sunlight.

Instagram: @thewhiteorchidwey

8. This gorgeous shed conversion, which would be the perfect setting for the most glamorous dinner party.

Instagram: @marancha_deco

9. This minimalist shed, which is understated but gorgeously designed.

Instagram: @buyshedsdirect

10. This shed, which looks almost too perfect to touch.

Instagram: @remodelathon

11. This lovely shed, which you could while away many Sunday afternoons in.

Instagram: @laura_chimes_interiors

12. This adorable greenhouse, in which you could grow every vegetable you've ever dreamed of.

Instagram: @gypsycielo

13. This shed, which is full of the loveliest hanging baskets.

Instagram: @gypsycielo

14. This potting shed, which could double up as a workshop.

Instagram: @reneed88

15. This tiny shed, in which you could host the most fabulous tea party.

Instagram: @the_broken_egg

16. This glamorous shed at the bottom of a truly lovely garden.

Instagram: @hillbrook_collections

17. This little cutie, which is so small you could easily miss it.

Instagram: @ninjacharl

18. This shed conversion, which would be the perfect place to finally write the novel you've been thinking about.

Instagram: @ottostop

19. This shed, which would be the envy of all your friends.

Instagram: @salcoulthard

20. This shed, which would be the most inspiring place to work.

Instagram: @chelseahopkinsallan_art

21. This shed, which is perfectly chaotic.

Instagram: @douggaiger

22. This stylish shed, which would be the ideal place to escape to with a cup of tea.

Instagram: @downtoearthvintage

23. And finally this sun-kissed shed, which even has its own path leading up to it.

Instagram: @douggaiger