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27 Forgotten Trends All Early-'00s Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

If your homework wasn't covered in clip art, it would never get an A.

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1. Wearing coloured sunglasses, regardless of the weather.

As long as the glass was a jazzy colour and the glasses had no frames, you were onto a winner.


5. Begging your mum to take you to McDonald's after school on a Friday because you were collecting teenie beanies.

8. And praying that one day you would be one of the contestants on Beauty and the Geek.

Seven Network

Even if you had to pretend to be dumber than you actually were, you would have done it to date those adorable geeks.


16. Knowing exactly how to ace any school test.

For some reason I put a lot of trust in the "Eenie meenie miney mo" method on tests

You had a method and it usually worked.


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