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27 Forgotten Trends All Early-'00s Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

If your homework wasn't covered in clip art, it would never get an A.

1. Wearing coloured sunglasses, regardless of the weather.

William Conran / PA Archive/Press Association Images
Kirsty Wigglesworth / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
Suzan/All Action Entertainment

As long as the glass was a jazzy colour and the glasses had no frames, you were onto a winner.

2. Scheduling your appointments with a Fun Fax.

You wrote in gel pen, but not yellow because that one was hard to see.

3. Using a BaByliss Crazy Braid to get pop star hair.

Even though the knots were impossible to get out, it was worth it.

4. But if all else failed, bunches and twists were always a safe bet.

Fragile Films
John Mather / EMPICS Entertainment
Toby Melville / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

The more the merrier.

5. Begging your mum to take you to McDonald's after school on a Friday because you were collecting teenie beanies.

Twitter: @sauttotarsicio

And you weren't ashamed to send your Happy Meal toy back if you already had it.

6. Freaking yourselves out by watching The Blair Witch Project at every single sleepover.

Artisan Entertainment

Even though you'd seen the film before, it still made you scream.

7. Watching every single dating show going.


If it featured girls slightly older than you going on slightly awkward dates, you were all over it.

8. And praying that one day you would be one of the contestants on Beauty and the Geek.

Seven Network

Even if you had to pretend to be dumber than you actually were, you would have done it to date those adorable geeks.

9. And being terrified Room Raiders would pick you up while you were asleep.


They never did a British version, but you always thought they might.

10. Salting your own crisps and storing them in a classy case.

The early '00s was when all crisps peaked.

11. Freaking yourself out before bedtime because you read too much of your Goosebumps book.

Twitter: @herbz0ner

You perfected the art of reading with a torch under your duvet.

12. Wearing a bandana, even if you didn't have a fringe to brush back.

Beacon Communications

Kirsten Dunst did it so you knew it was cool.

13. Plucking your eyebrows to within an inch of their lives.

Suzan / All Action Pictures Ltd
Suzan / All Action Pictures Ltd

You wanted a row of single hairs. Nothing more.

14. Collecting stickers from magazines like Top of the Pops and Smash Hits.

Even when you didn't know who the pop stars were, you kept the stickers just in case.

15. Getting these guys out every time your friends came round.

You had original Care Bears, Polly Pockets, and My Little Ponies.

16. Knowing exactly how to ace any school test.

For some reason I put a lot of trust in the "Eenie meenie miney mo" method on tests

You had a method and it usually worked.

17. Planning your first kiss based on what Mia Thermopolis wanted.

Walt Disney Pictures

It just sounded so...perfect.

18. Knowing that you were going to nail parenthood because you'd already cared for these babies.

Baby Borns, Tamagotchis, and Furbies needed a lot of attention.

19. Performing the Macarena at every disco you ever went to.


You were so proud you knew the order of the moves.

20. Spending your pocket money on Harry Potter-themed sweets.

It was sad when you accidentally ate the vomit Every Flavour Bean.

21. Insisting that your favourite colour was pink, because you wanted to be Elle Woods.

Type A Films

Tbf, she was not a bad idol.

22. Filling your pencil case with plastic dummies and miniature trolls instead of actual stationery.

The best party bags were the ones that were full of these.

23. Covering every poster you made in WordArt and clip art.

Twitter: @jwhackney

Bonus points if you knew how to to a clip art border.

24. Collecting Puppy in My Pockets.

Even though they came in coloured packets, so it was difficult to know if you were buying one you already had.

25. Being unreasonably obsessed with makeover shows.


They seem kinda creepy now, but back in the early '00s they were cool.

26. Reading your favourite Worst Witch and Animal Ark books before bedtime.

Allison & Busby
Scholastic Corporation

if you were lucky, you might have even had the audio cassette versions.

27. And finally, buying £1.99 makeup from your local newsagents and covering your face in the stuff.

Suzan / All Action General
Suzan / All Action General
Sean Patterson / All Action General

What a great look.

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