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14 Foodie Trends That Got Londoners Talking In 2013

Including smoked everything, Prosecco on tap and so much chicken.

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1. Everyone got into ramen.

What is it? A Japanese soup noodle dish, which combines thin wheat noodles and either a soy or pork bone broth.

Where can I try it? Bone Daddies (pictured), Koya, Shoryu and Tonkotsu all specialise in ramen and have plenty of options for vegetarians.

2. People started drinking sherry again.

Where? Bar Pepito offers a tasting menu of 8 sherries for £21.50. Meanwhile, Drakes Tabanco is the only place in London to serve sherry by the barrel and The Sign Of The Don (pictured) specialises in sherry cocktails.

3. Latin restaurants opened everywhere.

What kind of Latin food can I get? Andina specialises in Peruvian food, Cabana (pictured), is the place for barbecued Brazilian food - the spicy malagueta chicken is their best-selling dish - and nowhere does Mexican street food better than Death By Burrito. But if it's Argentinian fare you're after, try Casa Malevo.


14. And we started eating popcorn outside of cinemas.

Sweet or salty? Neither. This year's been about devilled popcorn at Coal Vaults (pictured), peanut satay and goats cheese popcorn at Hush and salt and vinegar popcorn at the Bluebird.