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21 Food Truths That Only British People Will Understand

Cadbury > Hershey's.

1. You know that nothing on this planet is more comforting than a cup of tea and a bar of Dairy Milk at the end of a long day.

2. Except maybe a fry-up when you're incredibly hungover.

Flickr: 55935853@N00

Pancakes and golden syrup have nothing on hash browns and beans.

3. Talking of hangovers, you understand that there's only one thing worth drinking if you want to guarantee being cured by midday.

Twitter: @ElenaFrances07

It's better if you drink it by the pint.

4. You know that there are multiple ways to serve up fried potatoes, and your school canteen staff basically nailed all of them.

5. But you also appreciate that no chip beats a chip shop chip.

Flickr: jypsygen

Especially if you cover them in gravy, curry sauce, or chippie sauce.

6. Talking of carbs, you understand that the best carb is double carb.

7. And that it only counts as a pie if the filling is encased in pastry.

Flickr: hippie / Creative Commons

None of this pasty lid nonsense.

8. As a Brit, you've mourned some of the greatest delicacies that were taken before their time.

9. RIP.

10. And don't even get me started on the day Jamie Oliver cruelly took Turkey Twizzlers away from us.

Twitter: @RadioDaveTaylor

It was the greatest food travesty of the 21st century.

11. You understand that the picture on the left signifies the start of Christmas, whereas the picture on the right signifies its end.

12. You know that there are two acceptable ways to spend a Sunday: If it's warm outside, you should be drinking Pimm's by the bottle.

13. And if it's cold, you should be devouring a Sunday roast in a warm, cosy pub.

14. And there's no question about what your favourite part of a roast dinner is.

15. You know that there are few greater pleasures in life than scoffing a bacon sandwich.

Joe Gough / Getty Images

16. And you know exactly where to get one if you don't have time to make it yourself.

17. You know that however full you are, you will always have room for an iced bun.

18. And you know that you really should pick up a Viennetta next time you see one in your local petrol station.

Twitter: @scoutlandish

They're exactly as good as you remember.

19. As a Brit, you understand that this is perfectly acceptable date food.

20. This is a perfectly reasonable pudding.

21. And finally, you appreciate that this is an ideal custard-to-crumble ratio.

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