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26 British Food Quirks That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

Eating everything on toast, for a start.

1. Eating beans on toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Twitter: @scott_brown_ca

To us, it's a versatile meal. To others, it's kinda gross.

2. Spreading Marmite over buttered toast.

Twitter: @LucyPal16907599

If you forget the butter or use too much Marmite, this is a horrible meal. But lots of Lurpack and a little bit of Marmite makes it the world's best breakfast.

3. Basically, putting anything on toast. Especially spaghetti hoops.

Twitter: @thterweiden

To British people, spaghetti hoops on toast is the ultimate sick day lunch. To everyone else, it's just a soggy mess.

4. Pairing jelly with ice cream.

Twitter: @GavinWorby

We ate this at every kids' birthday party we went to.

5. Take out sausage rolls.

Twitter: @BigFlam

Every Brit knows that a Gregg's sausage roll is the ultimate hangover cure.

6. Batter in general.

The rest of the world is really missing out on delicacies like toad in the hole and Yorkshire puddings.

7. Putting chips in a bread roll and calling it a chip butty.

Twitter: @MaestroBasti

For the best result, you want chip shop chips and the kind of bun you used to get iced for pudding at school.

8. Proper clotted cream that goes solid and kinda fuzzy on the top.

Twitter: @LadyTeapots

It's literally our best invention.

9. Mushy peas.

Twitter: @SilverdaleNT

To everyone else it looks like lumpy green mash. But to us, it looks like Friday night dinner.

10. Covering chips with gravy.

Twitter: @CaptNorth

If the chips don't turn into mush the moment you stab them with a fork, you need more gravy.

11. Or worse, covering chips with curry sauce.

Twitter: @KevinBrennanMP

Literally the world's greatest drunk food.

12. Dunking custard creams in tea.

Twitter: @nicolescribble

What's not delicious about a slightly soggy biscuit with a solid custard filling?

13. Putting Branston pickle in every cheese sandwich.

Twitter: @iCandy_pw

It totally transforms any sandwich.

14. Prawn cocktail favoured crisps.

Twitter: @AhmedAlKuwaiti

They shouldn't taste great but, my god, they do.

15. Eating all types of cheese on a cracker.

Twitter: @helloitskelly_

Others opt for fresh bread with their cheese; we opt for slightly cardboardy crackers instead.

16. Especially Red Leicester.

Twitter: @smclough334

It's the kind of cheese that tastes exactly like a block of solid milk, but we Brits love it anyway.

17. Serving two types of carbs with curry.

Every Brit knows that the best carb is double carb.

18. Putting fish fingers in a sandwich.

Twitter: @markdredge

The ultimate comfort food.

19. All forms of school potato, like cubes, smilies, and curly fries.

All delicious in their own special ways.

20. Pub snacks in general.

Snacks like scotch eggs and pork scratchings look gross, but taste great.

21. Covering baked beans in ketchup.

Twitter: @rawlimark

There is absolutely nothing wrong with covering beans in tomato sauce with... tomato sauce.

22. Brown sauce as a condiment.

Twitter: @CHEESEMANCC238

Kinda vinegary, kinda delicious.

23. Covering crumpets in astonishingly large quantities of butter.

Twitter: @amypoops

If your dad doesn't ask whether you want a crumpet with your butter, you're doing it wrong.

24. Viennetta for pudding at your nan's house.

Twitter: @scoutlandish

You can still get these in most petrol stations and corner shops.

25. Making toasties that look like this.

Twitter: @Nightpaws

We eat these at the garden centre and when we're visiting our nan.

26. And finally, eating all of this for breakfast.

Twitter: @SteeliteUK

Everyone else is just doing breakfast wrong.