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    23 Finnish Junk Foods The Rest Of The World Urgently Needs

    Why does no one else eat hot dog sauce?

    1. Flat apple jam doughnuts

    2. Squeaky cheese

    3. Rice pies covered in egg butter

    4. Salty liquorice

    5. Salty liquorice ice cream

    6. Rye bread crisps

    7. Crinkle-cut chips and cut-up hot dogs covered in ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, onions, and gherkins

    8. Cinnamon buns

    9. Tupla

    10. Butter buns

    11. Oven pancakes

    12. Proper gingerbread biscuits

    13. Prune jam tarts

    14. Cardamom buns

    15. Sourdough rye bread

    16. Semolina porridge and blueberry soup

    17. Literally all the Fazer products

    18. Solid chocolate easter eggs

    19. Curd buns

    20. Forest fruit pop

    21. Liquorice sweets filled with ammonium chloride

    22. Blueberry buns

    23. Hot dog sauce with mashed potatoes