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    27 Little Reminders Of What Fashion Looked Like 10 Years Ago

    2006 was when fashion peaked.

    1. 2006 was an absolute 10/10 year for fashion.

    2. It was a year epitomised by the entirely pointless belt.

    3. Belts in 2006 just didn't pull up trousers.

    4. Seriously: They served no real function.

    5. But 2006 was also the year of the pointless scarf.

    6. Everybody was wearing them.

    7. Ten years ago, everyone was into floaty dresses and flat boots.

    8. Which looked all the better when paired with excessive bangles.

    9. Back in 2006, trainers + long dress + eyeliner = ~style~.

    10. And pairing a normal outfit with a jazzy hat was considered chic.

    11. Or, you know, a red beret.

    12. Basically 2006 was the time to try out interesting headgear.

    13. Which looked particularly great if you made sure it matched everything else you were wearing.

    14. Failing that, capri pants were a fail-safe option.

    15. Even Beyoncé wore cropped jeans back then.

    16. And no one looked as good as JoJo in her satin top, cropped jacket, and fur-lined boots.

    17. Celebrities in 2006 knew how to dress up.

    18. But they also knew how to dress down.

    19. But most of all, they knew how to accessorise their hair.

    20. I mean.

    21. 2006 was a year for wearing a dress on top of your jeans, dressing entirely in one colour, and sporting unfeasibly high jeans.

    22. It was a year for purple satin shirts and dog tags.

    23. And it was a year for layering a T-shirt, shirt, and waistcoat-style jumper, and pairing that look with socks and kitten heels.

    24. It was a glamorous time.

    25. A time when boy bands were in their prime.

    26. And teen stars paired their combats with a denim jacket.

    27. 2006, we miss you.