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    This Is What 14 "Fame Academy" Contestants Look Like Now

    One of them is writing songs for Lana Del Rey, one of them has won a BAFTA, and one of them dated Simon Cowell!

    1. David Sneddon

    2. Alistair Griffin

    3. Camilla Beeput

    4. Lemar Obika

    5. Pippa Donaldson (formerly Pippa Fulton)

    6. Ainslie Henderson

    7. James Fox

    8. Paris Campbell-Edwards

    9. Louise Griffiths

    10. Peter Brame

    11. Malachi Cush

    12. Sinéad Quinn

    13. Carolynne Poole (formerly Carolynne Goode)

    14. Lexi Parks (formerly Alex Parks)