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29 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "The Holiday"

"Accidental boob graze. I'm sorry."

1. The "boob graze" line came about because Jack Black accidentally boob grazed director Nancy Meyers and then apologised. She found it so funny that she wrote their interaction into the script the next day.

2. Meyers wrote Black's part for him, after she fell in love with his performance in School Of Rock.

3. By the time she'd finished writing the script, Meyers knew she wanted to cast Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Winslet too.

4. At first Black was sceptical about doing a rom com, but then Meyer told him he'd get to be in a movie with Winslet and he said yes.

5. After filming, Winslet said "Trust me, it was not difficult to fall in love with Jack Black. At all."

6. The website that Amanda and Iris use to swap houses is real.

7. But Iris's house Rose Hill Cottage is not. It was built as part of the film set.

8. It only took four days to build the house, but the landscaping and gardening took two weeks because set designers had to make the house look old.

9. Amanda's mansion is, however, a real place in San Marino, California.

10. The English village scenes are filmed in Godalming and Shere in Surrey.

11. And the pub featured is real: It's The White Horse in Shere.

12. In the week of making the film it snowed three times in Surrey, even though the crew had hired a snow machine because they thought it wasn't going to

13. Meyers knows Lindsay Lohan because she directed The Parent Trap. She convinced Lohan to film a fake movie trailer for The Holiday by telling her she owed her. Lohan was immediately up for it.

14. Then James Franco, who knew Lindsay Lohan, signed up too.

15. Eli Wallach turned 90 during filming. The crew got him a cake.

16. Diaz kept her character's clothes after filming.

17. In the film Law plays Iris's brother. In real life, he has a daughter called Iris.

18. Law's favourite part of the film was working with the girls who played his daughters Sophie and Olivia.

19. It was their first film.

20. Emma Pritchard, who plays Olivia (right), is now a teenager. Miffy Englefield, who plays Sophie (left), is now in college. This is what she looks like:

21. When Iris first arrives at Amanda's LA house she picks out a film to watch, before Jack Black's character arrives. The movie she selects is Punch-Drunk Love, a film about an American man who dates a British woman.

22. The song "Kill The Director" by the Wombats is about The Holiday. It features the lyrics, "This is no Bridget Jones!" and "If this is a rom com, kill the director."

23. Rufus Sewell plays the guy who Kate Winslet's character is in love with. In real life, they dated for three months in the mid-'90s.

24. At one point in the film, Winslet and Wallach's characters talk about how Cary Grant was from Surrey. He was actually from Bristol.

25. The DVD commentary claims that Amanda's clumsiness is based on Meyers.

26. Winslet's dance when she first arrives in LA was improvised.

27. Her video shop scene with Black was also largely improvised.

28. The crew removed all of Winslet and Black's films from the video shop so it wouldn't be distracting.

29. According to the film's DVD commentary, Dustin Hoffman was never supposed to have a cameo in that scene. He was having lunch near the film shop's set, stopped because there were lots of cameras, and ended up appearing in the movie because he knows Meyers.