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54 Things That'll Make You Feel Old If You Were Born In 1990

You're the same age as JLaw.

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1. You will turn 25 this year.

2. That's a quarter of 100.

3. You're the same age as Emma Watson, who is worth $60 million and is the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

4. You are also the same age as Jennifer Lawrence, who is also worth $60 million and has won a literal Oscar.

5. You can buy Jane Norman carrier bags off eBay now.

6. You can also buy Puppy in My Pockets. Their going rate is £30.99 a piece.

7. Right now, there are rumours of a THIRD Spice Girls reunion circulating. Your favourite band have already reunited twice.

8. Brooklyn Beckham, who you can remember being born, can legally have sex.

9. And while we're on the topic of the Beckhams, they got married 16 years ago.

10. Remember when Gavin Henson was kind of a threat to Becks? Remember when he said, "I think I've lost a lot of my gay fans to Gavin Henson. It's a shame because I really love them." That seems very funny now.

11. Bernard from Bernard's Watch is now a qualified doctor. He can diagnose actual illnesses.

12. Talking of kids TV stars growing up, this is what the Home Farm Twins look like now.

13. And Ethel from The Worst Witch has been nominated for an Oscar. Ethel, who used to go to things like assembly at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches, now goes to things like the Oscars.

14. Talking of magic, Harry Potter turned 35 this year. Remember when he lived in a cupboard under the stairs? Well, now he's probably got a mortgage.

15. And James, his son, is due to start at Hogwarts next year. NEXT YEAR.

16. Lizzie McGuire, aka Hilary Duff, now has a child. You remember when she bought her first bra. And now she is a mother.

17. You're officially old enough to look back upon your youth wistfully and say, "Oh, that was fashionable when I was young." Exhibit A: off-the-shoulder tops.

18. Exhibit B: dungarees.

19. Exhibit C: ripped jeans.

20. Talking of fashion, Lily Allen launched a line of ~retro~ light-up trainers for Topshop last year. You remember when light-up trainers were cool. Now they are considered retro.

21. Paris and Nicole haven't been friends for a decade.

22. You can now download "Classic" Snake 2 as an app. They call it "classic" now because it's so old.

23. The Sims is now so advanced that you can make your Sim be a detective.

24. Nasty Nick now makes money from giving public talks about Big Brother.

25. Love Island returned this year, after a 10-YEAR hiatus.

26. Grace and Mikey from Big Brother 7 are married, and expecting their second baby. Mikey still retweets people bitching about Nicki and Pete's fake relationship, LOL.

27. All the women you admired growing up look beautiful now. Exhibit A: Davina McCall.

28. Exhibit B: Sara Cox.

29. Exhibit C: Zoë Ball. Lesson learned: Drink through your twenties.

30. Meanwhile, all the men you fancied have become incredibly buff. Exhibit A: Craig David.

31. Exhibit B: Kenzie from Blazin' Squad.

32. Exhibit C: Gareth Gates.

33. And most shockingly of all, Exhibit D: Aaron from S Club Juniors. Baby Aaron from S Club Juniors!

34. Talking of Aaron, he is now a backing dancer for The Saturdays, who include two of his former bandmates: Frankie and Rochelle.

35. A floppy disk stored 1.44 MB of data. The average GIF requires 4.5 MB.

36. S Club 7's Hannah and Paul, your original OTP, recently got back together on the band's reunion tour.

37. Jamie Oliver made school meals healthy a decade ago. That means there are kids currently in secondary school who have never had Turkey Twizzlers for lunch.

38. The concept of Chrismukkah has existed for 12 years.

39. Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged.

40. Prince William hasn't had a full head of hair for 11 years.

41. Myspace Tom is incredibly sassy now. His avatar is still the same.

42. Georgia Nicolson and The Ace Gang would all turn 30 this year.

43. Meanwhile, Ellie, Madga, and Nadine would all turn 31.

44. Chris from Skins died seven years ago.

45. There existed four formations of the Sugababes. The final formation officially called it a day four years ago.

46. Ross and Rachel's baby, Emma, would turn 13 this year.

47. So...? have launched a dry shampoo line.

48. Lindsay Lohan, that kid from The Parent Trap, featured in an Oprah documentary about her struggle with addiction last year.

49. Daniel Bedingfield is now a judge on The X Factor New Zealand.

50. But Natasha Bedingfield is winning. She's in J.Lo's #Squad.

51. This is what Neville Longbottom looks like now. It is now 100% acceptable to fancy Neville Longbottom.

52. But this is what Chad Michael Murray looks like now. It is no longer acceptable to fancy Chad Michael Murray.

53. Ant and Dec are both married. They live four doors down from each other. You'll never have stronger #FriendshipGoals than those two.

54. But hey, even though you're pretty old, at least you'll always be younger than Taylor Swift.

This post has been updated to include the fact that Ant and Dec are both married. A previous version said that Ant was married, while Dec was engaged. Soz.