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22 Indisputable Facts Every Girls' Girl Appreciates

Hos over bros.

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2. But if one of your gal pals introduces you to someone new, they're immediately in your gang.

You know that your girl friends have impeccable taste, so their friends are automatically your friends.

4. Eating is an incredibly important part of any female friendship.

Girls who fry carbs together, stay together; that's how the saying goes.


5. In fact, the vast majority of female bonding happens while hangover eating.


Once someone has seen you mop up your remaining baked beans using your eighth hash brown as a shovel, they're a friend for life.

6. It's important for your gal pals to maintain a running WhatsApp group. Even if it exists mostly to share pictures of your lunches and screenshots of texts.

You need to know that you have a lil' team, on standby, for whenever you might need their help.

7. Getting to know each other's S.O.s starts with a quick google, followed by an extensive social media stalk and an in-depth text analysis. Only then will you meet them.

And if you're the one introducing your S.O. to your girl friends, you make damn sure they know how important it is that they impress them.

8. Being a girl's girl means being on call 24 hours a day.


If someone needs a pep talk, debrief, or just a voice on the end of the phone when they're walking back home late at night, it is your duty to be available.


10. If one of your girl friends hates someone, by default you hate them too.

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Whether it's someone who was mean to them in primary school, their S.O.'s ex who will not stop liking their Facebook pictures, or their work colleague who you've never met: If they hate them, you hate them.


18. You must celebrate all of each other's career achievements with excessive booze.

Every promotion, pay rise, or good new office seating plan should be toasted.

19. Being a girl's girl means being able to describe someone's "vibe" to your friends and feel confident that they get what you mean.

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"He was the kind of guy who spent 15 minutes in the bathroom every time. Even when he was obviously just peeing."

21. And you also don't have any time for dishonesty.

If your girl friend asks for an honest opinion, you must give it to her. Sugarcoat it, by all means, but give it to her.