24 Euphoric Experiences For Anyone Who Is Slightly Obsessed With Cooking

    There's nothing quite like using a ceramic knife for the first time.

    1. The sight of a perfectly stacked fridge that's rammed full of food just waiting for you to open it up.

    2. The smell of a brand-new cookbook just waiting to be opened.

    3. The sight of a blossoming herb garden.

    4. And the sight of a fully stacked spice rack.

    5. The first time someone shows you that this is how you keep your surfaces clean and continue stirring your food.

    6. When you decide to try out a new recipe and realise you've got all the ingredients in the house.

    7. When you home-cook dinner and it looks professional AF on your Instagram grid.

    8. When your leftovers fit perfectly into your Tupperware and you know that lunch tomorrow is sorted.

    9. Cooking at a friend's house and finding a brand-new gadget to play with.

    10. But even better: introducing a friend to a gadget they never knew they needed.

    11. The first time you use a food processor and realise that your cooking game has forever changed.

    12. Walking into a specialist food market and not knowing where to start.

    13. Although, tbh, a very tidy supermarket aisle can do it for you too.

    14. The first time you squeeze a garlic press and realise you're never going to have garlic fingers again.

    15. And even better: The first time you use a ceramic knife.

    16. When you host a dinner party and everyone finishes their food.

    17. Especially when your guests send you that sweet, sweet follow-up to get hold of your cooking secrets.

    18. When you eat something delicious at a friend's house and they actually remember to send you the recipe afterwards.

    19. Learning a brand-new cooking hack that you didn't know before.

    20. When you hit an afternoon slump and remember that you put food in the slow cooker this morning, so dinner will be waiting for you.

    21. Being the first person in your friend group to discover the next big thing.

    22. When you take charge of a group cooking situation and allocate all the boring jobs like chopping to your friends.

    23. When you wake up starving on a Saturday morning and realise you have the ingredients, and the time, you need to make a fancy breakfast.

    24. And when someone compliments your food and it finally gets the recognition it deserves.