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    22 Dishes Every Vegetarian In London Has Got To Try

    And they're all from strictly veggie restaurants.

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    1. Mildreds' mushroom and ale pie.

    And it even comes with mushy peas and mash. Yum.

    Price: £10.25.

    Closest tube: Oxford Circus.

    2. The buffet at Tibits.

    The trick is to get a bit of everything. But mostly the curries.

    Price: It depends how much your plate weighs and costs £2.10 per 100g.

    Closest tube: Oxford Circus.

    3. The Coach and Horses' tofush and chips.

    That's right. Battered tofu. Mmm.

    Price: £14.95 for two courses.

    Closest tube: Tottenham Court Road.

    4. Food For Thought's butterbean bake and salad.

    Possibly the most flavourful bake you'll ever try. And the salad is good enough to be a meal on its own.

    Price: £8.40.

    Closest tube: Covent Garden.

    5. Sausage rolls and salad at the Beatroot Café.

    The salad includes quinoa, dill coleslaw and basically every vegetable ever.

    Price: £4.70.

    Closest tube: Oxford Circus.

    6. Fried mushroom mousse at Vanilla Black.

    Served with a very fancy rosemary sauce and fennel and whipped lemon.

    Price: £28 for two courses.

    Closest tube: Chancery Lane.

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    7. Woodlands' spinach dosa.

    That's a lentil pancake, stuffed with spinach. And it's incredible.

    Price: £7.25.

    Closest tube: Hampstead.

    * There also also branches in Piccadilly and Marylebone.

    8. Organic spaghetti & veatballs at Manna.


    Spaghetti and balls served in a delicious tomato sauce, minus the meat.

    Price: £12.

    Closest tube: Chalk Farm.

    9. Diwana's lunch buffet.

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    Indian samosas, dahls and chutneys: you name it, they've got it. But nothing quite beats their filled dosas.

    Price: £6.95.

    Closest tube: Euston.

    10. Indian Veg's all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Includes literally every Indian dish you can think of - and dairy-free lassis.

    Price: £5.50.

    Closest tube: Angel.

    11. Tofu steak at Itadaki Zen.

    Tofu grilled in traditional Japanese yangyeom sauce. Delish.

    Price: £3.90.

    Closest tube: King's Cross.

    12. Pumpkin paneer at Jai Krishna.

    A susprisingly light choice, considering it's a cheesy, South Indian dish.

    Price: £3.55.

    Closest tube: Crouch Hill.

    13. Rasa's moru kachiathu.

    A sweet and sour curry made up of sweet mangoes and cooked bananas.

    Price: £6.95.

    Closest tube: Manor House.

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    14. Falafel wrap at the Gallery Café.

    Yummmmmm so much hummus.

    Price: £5.60.

    Closest tube: Bethnal Green.

    15. Chili jacket potato at Black Cat Café.

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    Packed with bean and tofu chilli. Outrageously tasty.

    Price: £3.50.

    Closest tube: Hackney Central.

    16. Carnevale's butternut squash risotto.

    Butternut squash, saffron and rocket. Delectable.

    Price: £12.50.

    Closest tube: Old Street.

    17. Cous cous, apple and fig salad at Amico Bio.

    So unusual and so good.

    Price: £7.

    Closest tube: Barbican.

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    18. Quiche and salad at the Bonnington Café.

    The menu's always changing but there's always quiche. And it's always delicious.

    Price: £8.

    Closest tube: Vauxhall.

    19. Saf's all day breakfast.

    Update: sadly Saf has closed down since this article was published.

    Saf Restaurant says goodbye tonight. We're not opening tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who visited us for the last 4,5 yrs. Best wishes #TheEnd

    Saf Restaurant & Bar@safrestaurant

    Saf Restaurant says goodbye tonight. We're not opening tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who visited us for the last 4,5 yrs. Best wishes #TheEnd

    09:09 PM - 8 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Matthew Lloyd / Getty

    20. Ben's special at 222.

    A stir-fry containing seasonal veg, marinated tofu and mushrooms. Perfect.

    Price: £9.95.

    Closest tube: West Brompton.

    21. Coconut Uthappam at Sagar.

    That's a coconut lentil pancake. Yep. It's as good as it sounds.

    Price: £5.95.

    Closest tube: Hammersmith

    * There are also branches in Covent Garden and the West End.

    22. Wild mushroom polenta at The Gate.

    The Gate
    The Gate

    Pan-fried polenta served with sautéd mushrooms, root vegetables, lentils and wilted spinach. Probably the best veggie meal in London.

    Price: £15.50.

    Closest tube: Hammersmith.

    *There's also a branch in Angel.

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