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Did You Have Cool Stationery?

Did you have scented gel pens? Crayola stamps? And a mechanical pencil?

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  1. 1. Tick everything you owned.

    A pop out pencil case
    A multicoloured pen
    A refillable pencil
    Gel pens
    Gllitter gel pens
    Scented gel pens
    Crayola stamps
    A multicoloured pencil
    Gllittery pencils
    Pencils with trolls on the tops of them
    A twisty pencil sharpener
    Mechanical pencils
    Pencil shaped rubbers
    A Sanrio rubber
    Mr Sketch scented markers
    Shaped mini rubbers
    A smart box pencil case
    Chinese inspired pens
    A Lisa Frank pen set
    Lisa Frank paper clips
    Shaped pencil top rubbers
    Pink Pearl rubbers
    An erasable pen
    Crayola crayons
    An electric sharpener
    Bendy pencils
    A pencil with a detachable sharpener
    Fluffy pens
    Light up pens
    Liquid pens
    A Berol handwriting pen
    A Stabilo handwriting pen
    Feathered pens
    Pom pom pens
    A flexible ruler
    A wooden ruler
    A protractor ruler
    A Tipp-Ex mouse
    A Tipp-Ex pen
    Ink eraser pens
    A fountain pen
    A see-through fountain pen
    Ink cartridges that weren't blue or black
    A Yes/No eraser
    A really big eraser
    Highlighter Post-Its
    Shaped Post-Its
    A pencil tin
    A Caboodle pencil case
    A Spice Girls pencil set
    A drinks can pencil case
    A Playboy pencil case
    A Lonsdale 3-pocket pencil case
    A Paul Frank pencil case
    A zip pencil case
    A flower highlighter
    Syringe highlighers
    Multicoloured gel pens
    A mathematical set
    Novelty paper clips
    A mini stapler
    A see through hole punch
    Coloured selloptape
    A metal compass
    A coloured compass
    A set square
    A protractor
    A protractor with a hole in the middle
    A full circle protractor
    A one hole punch
    Ring binders
    Thick ring binders
    Ring binder dividers
    A presentation folder
    Plastic wallets
    Pocket wallets
    Stabilo highlighters
    A string folder
    Ruler scissors
    Zig zag scissors

Did You Have Cool Stationery?

You had a few cool bits and bobs, but you weren't really into stationery. You obviously bought the essentials but you found it difficult to get excited over a highlighter. And good for you, you probably had better things to get enthusiastic about.

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You had some SERIOUSLY cool stationery as a kid. You refilled your pencil case at the start of every school year and made sure you used all your new gadgets. Lucky you!

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OMG, you had the BEST stationery EVER. You must have been the envy of all your school friends. Your pencil case was full of exciting things because you updated your collection every term. You lucky thing.

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