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    Updated on Mar 10, 2020. Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    19 Delicious Ways Brits Eat Chips The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

    If it's kinda sloppy, it can go on chips.

    1. Cheese

    Twitter: @starvingmanalt

    Best eaten at a festival or on the beach.

    2. Beans

    Twitter: @jimmynixx

    The most comforting of all dinners.

    3. Cheese and beans

    Twitter: @Christine_CTA

    The most exquisite food pairing.

    4. Scraps

    Twitter: @Kirsty_Mills75

    Yummmmmmm so crunchy.

    5. Peri Peri salt

    Twitter: @cheryl_jackson

    The perfect hangover lunch.

    6. Curry sauce

    Twitter: @ToddyFur

    It's a travesty that nowhere else has cottoned onto this.

    7. Cheese and curry sauce

    Twitter: @kieranmcl96

    Sounds like it wouldn't work but omg it does.

    8. Mushy peas

    Twitter: @Caitlin_Akers

    The best chips come from the chippy but the best mushy peas come from a tin.

    9. Salt and vinegar

    Twitter: @wah_do_dem

    A classic. Best eaten open on the way home.

    10. Tartar sauce

    Twitter: @dale1965

    Weirdly delicious.

    11. Gravy

    Twitter: @rachelj35

    A northern classic.

    12. Mushy peas and gravy

    Twitter: @HeidiPeeps

    Iconic in every way.

    13. Cheese and gravy

    Twitter: @Scrambledegg71

    It's not poutine because it's made with just regular grated cheese, not fancy cheese curds.

    14. Ketchup, mayo, and brown sauce

    Twitter: @misskirsty

    The holy trinity.

    15. Pickled onion and brown sauce

    Twitter: @FairysHuff

    An absolute Friday night tea classic.

    16. Spaghetti hoops

    Twitter: @barbsrad

    So wonderfully bland.

    17. Burger sauce

    Twitter: @Angrysausagetv

    The best families are the ones who have burger sauce in their cupboards.

    18. Chippy sauce

    Twitter: @theglasgowdiet

    Worth visiting Scotland for.

    19. And salad cream

    Twitter: @katiepeal

    Ever divisive.