24 Truly Heinous Crimes Against Hair Committed In The ’00s

Straightened fringes and curly hair forever.

1. Straightening your fringe and curling the rest of your hair.

Universal Pictures

The contrast made you feel very ~chic~.

2. Pulling your hair into a zig-zag parting.


If you did this, you were guaranteed to be the envy of all your school friends.

3. Tying your hair into bunches and then tying bobbles all the way down them.

Disney Channel

Bonus points if your bobbles matched your outfit.

4. Tying your hair up in a ponytail but leaving out two wispy strands of hair to frame your face.

Touchstone Pictures

Kintop Pictures

Touchstone Pictures


This was your go-to school look.

5. Low bunches that half covered your ears.

Paramount Pictures

It was hard to get your parting straight at the back, but you could always get your mum to help.

6. A flicked-out bob with lots of layers.

Sebastian Artz / Getty Images

Columbia Records

Jean Cummings / EMPICS Entertainment


Kelly Rowland’s hair in the video for “Stole” was everything you aspired towards.

7. Very high bunches with wispy bits of hair hanging around the side of your face.

Tied up with scrunchies if you were really cool.

8. All the butterfly clips you owned strategically positioned around the crown of your head.

Paramount Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures

David Jones / PA Archive/Press Association Images


With lots of strands of hair pulled back into swirly bits.

9. The pob.

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Scott Wintrow/Stringer / Via Getty Images


For some reason, short hair at the back and long hair at the front was very much a thing in the ’00s.

10. Two messy buns on either side of your head.

Secured with lots of bobby pins to make them look natural.

11. Chunky highlights in as many colours as your mum would let you get away with.



You were into literally everything about Kelly Clarkson’s ’00s look.

12. Home-dyed jet-black hair that was backcombed to within an inch of its life.

Getty Images

Obviously you paired this look with a full inch of eyeliner and foundation two shades too pale for your skin.

13. A side ponytail, often paired with massive hoop earrings.

Simon Meaker / EMPICS Entertainment

EMPICS Entertainment


This look worked with both a high pony and a low pony.

14. Very straight hair with lots of beady braids from your Babyliss Twist Braid.


These were really hard to brush out.

15. Very obvious hair extensions.

David Klein/Stringer / Via Getty Images

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

EMPICS Entertainment


Nicole Richie, Chantelle from Big Brother, and Paris Hilton owned this look.

16. Scrunchies made out of fake hair that was kind of the same colour as your hair but not quite.

Wearing one of these made you feel like a celebrity.

17. Poker straight hair.

David Klein / Getty Images

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment


GHDs changed your life.

18. A messy bun with chopsticks poked through it.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Hilary Duff really was the face of the ’00s.

19. Scraping your fringe back with a zig-zag hairband.

Redbus Film Distribution / Fox Searchlight Pictures

For the ~sporty~ look.

20. Twisting all of your hair into tiny little bun things.

Doug Peters / EMPICS Entertainment

John Mather / EMPICS Entertainment

EMPICS Entertainment


The more of your actual scalp you could see, the better.

21. Bleaching your hair until it went kind of yellow and brushing in a huge side fringe.

Your mum told you it’d ruin your hair, and she was kinda right.

22. Long layers that kind of framed your chin.

Lawrence Lucier / Getty Images

EMPICS Entertainment

Peter Kramer/Starmax / EMPICS Entertainment


The choppier, the better.

23. Clipping your fringe back to expose your entire forehead.

Warner Bros.

If you were growing out a fringe, this was your look.

24. Dying your hair bleach blonde on top and jet black on the bottom.

And then vehemently denying that you were going through an emo phase.

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