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    24 Sassy Lindsay Lohan Comebacks Every '00s Girl Needs

    "I have class and you don't."

    1. When your friends call you boring for going home early.

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    2. When a friend brings up an embarrassing mistake you made at university.

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    3. When anyone asks whether you're still single.

    4. When an ex comes crawling back.

    5. When people expect too much of you.

    6. When someone says something so stupid that there aren't even words.

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    7. When a friend copies your exact outfit.

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    8. When someone starts telling a boring story over dinner.

    9. When the delivery man judges you for ordering pizza again.

    10. When someone subtweets you.

    11. When you don't get invited to a party that all your friends are going to.

    12. When someone uploads an unflattering picture of you on to Instagram.

    13. When someone reminds you what you did last night.

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    14. When one of your friends announces her engagement on Facebook.

    15. And then uploads pictures of her first child.

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    16. When your co-workers start spreading gossip about you.

    17. And then everyone believes it.

    18. When your mum questions your life choices.

    19. When an older colleague patronises you.

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    20. When someone pushes in behind you on the tube even though there's physically no space for them.

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    21. When someone starts a conversation that doesn't interest you.

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    22. When someone who wronged you asks for a favour.

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    23. When your friend starts flirting with the boy you like.

    24. When someone calls you out on your bitchiness.


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