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    24 Delicious Finnish Dishes Everyone Should Learn To Cook

    Once you've made korvapuusti once, you'll never stop.

    1. A light and fluffy mustikkapiirakka

    2. Warming kaalikaaryleet

    3. Creamy nakkikastike

    4. Squeaky leipajuusto

    5. A comforting pot of kesakeitto

    6. A hearty kalakukko

    7. A pot of light and fluffy vispipuuro

    8. Perfectly round lihapullat

    9. A bowl of punchy rosolli

    10. Thin, crispy piparkakku

    11. Delicious karjalanpiirakka

    12. Salty silakat

    13. Mouth-watering korvapuusti

    14. Creamy korvasienimuhennos

    15. A warming bowl of mannapuuro

    16. A loaf of ruisleipa

    17. A scrummy serving of perunalaatikko

    18. Thick pannukakku

    19. A bowl of delicious kalakeitto

    20. A comforting bowl of riisipuuro

    21. Tasty graavilohi

    22. A yummy bowl of hernekeitto

    23. Wintery porkkanalaatikko

    24. Delicious luumukiisseli