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21 Things People Who Went Clubbing In Cambridge In The ’00s Will Just Get

Van of Life vs Van of Death.

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1. Everyone who went out in Cambridge in the '00s knows that the best place for a night out was Cindies.

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It was the best nightclub because it sold £1 shots of Apple Sourz and £1 bottles of apple VK.

2. It didn't even matter that the DJ had a policy of only ever playing 30 seconds of the chorus of any song before switching to something else.


And that the night always ended with "Call Me Maybe" followed by "Don't Stop Believing" followed by "Circle Of Life".

3. If you hung out in John's bar for long enough on a Wednesday night, you were guaranteed to pull.

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Wednesday night meant all the sports teams were out, so queueing for half an hour up a concrete flight of stairs to get in was worth it.

4. Although the place you really wanted to hang out in Cindies was the smoking area.

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It was the best place to bump into people you vaguely knew and tell them that you've always admired them and secretly want to be their best friend.


5. If you were a massive lad, you might have even been filmed strawpedoeing a VK on Cindies Stories.

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But only if you were a real lad.

6. If you planned on ending up in Cindies, you had to play drinking games to get drunk first.

Drinking a bottle of Basics rosé and a few glasses of Glen's vodka and squash over a game of Ring of Fire usually did the trick.

7. Otherwise, you might have pre-drunk in your college bar.

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The advantage of this was that you knew everyone there, but the disadvantage was that you always drank so much you threw up before you went out.

8. You might have also got drunk on a swap at The Mahal, where £10 paid for a chicken korma, a beer, and corkage gave you permission to do anything to the property.

Standing on chairs to find your friends, throwing curry, and pennying everyone sitting near you was encouraged.


9. If you didn't fancy The Mahal, you might have gone to The Curry King.

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Either way, you went out clubbing with curry in your hair and that was OK.

12. Life was lethal because of its £1.50 double Jägerbombs.

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Which guaranteed that you skipped every single Friday lecture.


13. It was essentially a corridor, with condensation dripping from its ceiling, where you spent your entire night walking in circles between the smoking area and the dance floor.

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You got too hot, so you went outside. Then you got too cold, so you went back in. And. So. On.

15. And if you ever made it to Revs, you probably never returned.

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There was a rumour that the vodka was watered down, and also it was always full of old men.

16. You did, however, spend every Sunday night in Fez.

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It sold £1.50 lemon VSs, played dubstep, and had a designated fingering area with incense sticks stuck in the walls. What more could you want?


18. You were very excited when Lola Lo opened, but you soon realised that it was just a second-rate Cindies with faces on its cups.

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The roof terrace could have been nice, but it wasn't because it was always raining.

19. The nights you didn't spend in Cambridge's clubs were spent in The Maypole. And every night that started in there ended up in the ADC bar.

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It was cheap and it stayed open late. Which is all you really wanted.

20. You had very strong opinions about where to get cheesy chips at the end of your night out. You were either loyal to the Van of Life, the Van of Death, or Gardies.

If you weren't loyal to Vas at Gardies, you were a fool because he made his own mayonnaise.

21. But there's one thing everyone agreed on: Nothing soaked up a hangover as well as a Tatties breakfast.

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