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Posted on Nov 27, 2017

Can You Score Full Marks On This A-Z "Gilmore Girls" Test?

"Coffee please, and a shot on cynicism."

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  1. Give the first name of Luke's DAUGHTER that begins with A.

  2. Which BAND beginning with B does Rory go see with Lorelai, Sookie, Paris, Louise and Madeline?

  3. What GROCERY ITEM beginning with C does Rory accidentally steal after she first kisses Dean?

  4. Name the INN beginning with D that Lorelai and Sookie open together?

  5. Which SCHOOL SUBJECT beginning with E did Max Medina teach at Chilton?

  6. Give the first name beginning with F of the lady who owned the DRAGONFLY INN before Lorelai and Sookie bought it?

  7. Give the name of the BOOK beginning with G that Rory starts writing about her relationship with Lorelai.

  8. Give the name beginning with H of Lane's BAND.

  9. Which INN beginning with I did Lorelai get her first job as a maid at?

  10. What is Digger's FIRST NAME beginning with J?

  11. And what is Lane's SURNAME beginning with K?

  12. What L is the first name of KIRK'S GIRLFRIEND?

  13. Which piece of FURNITURE beginning with M does Luke get stuck with after helping Rory move to college?

  14. Name the LAWYER beginning with N who Luke dates?

  15. Which John Steinbeck BOOK beginning with O does Rory reference?

  16. Which EUROPEAN CITY beginning with P do Lorelai and Christopher get married in?

  17. Which James McKean BOOK beginning with Q does Rory refer to?

  18. What thing beginning with R does Logan give Rory a MODEL of before he moves to London?

  19. Give the title of Jess's BOOK beginning with S.

  20. Which Chilton STUDENT whose name begins with T is interested in Rory while she's dating Dean?

  21. Luke arranges a FUNERAL for an unpopular man called Louis. What relation beginning with U is Louis to Luke?

  22. When Rory gives a SPEECH at her graduation from Chilton, what V is she?

  23. Which BODY PART beginning with W does Rory break in the minor car accident Jess and her are involved in?

  24. Give the name of Paris's Yale professor eX boyfriend that begins with A.

  25. Which COLLEGE NEWSPAPER beginning with Y do Rory, Paris, and Doyle end up working for?

  26. Give the FIRST NAME beginning with Z of the man who ends up marrying and having a baby with Lane.

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