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19 Things All British Sixth-Form Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Mostly, not obeying the uniform guidelines.

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2. Getting unreasonably excited about no longer having to wear school uniform, but then dressing exactly the same every day.

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Turns out you weren't the only one who bought a black jumper from Topshop and a blouse from Zara.


5. Heating up ready meals for lunch every day because the concept of having a microwave in your common room blew your mind.

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Canteen lunches were nicer, but for some reason sitting in your common room with a plate on your knee seemed more appealing.


10. Spending every waking minute of your life stressing about your personal statement.

Done with my UCAS personal statement <3

And then convincing yourself that you'd written the perfect thing, even though it'd be incredibly cringe to read back now.

11. And then furiously checking UCAS all the damn time as you waited for your uni offers to start coming in.

This was even more of a mindfuck if someone else in your year had an offer from somewhere you hadn't heard back from yet.


14. And knowing exactly where to sit, because every clique had their own area in your IT, locker, and common rooms.

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You didn't know what would happen if you ventured over the other cliques' areas, but you didn't care to find out.


17. Resenting the fact that you had to take an AS-level in critical thinking or general studies when you knew it was ultimately a waste of your time.

Just been sent a CV for a candidate who has an AS Level in "Critical thinking". Is that some kind of joke?

You hated RAVEN then and you still do now.