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22 British Puddings That Will Make All Americans Jealous

No one does puddings quite as well as Brits.

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2. Scones with clotted cream and jam

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Clotted cream is one of the best things in the world, and eating big dollops of it on top of scones is an act of genius — especially if the scones are still warm from the oven.

3. Mince pies

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While you guys are eating pumpkin pie throughout the holiday season, we're stuffing ourselves with mince pies. They're like little bites of heaven, and it's time you started eating them too.


4. Carrot cake

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A cake made out of carrots doesn't sound delicious, but it is delicious. Especially when it's covered in a thick layer of cream cheese icing and served with a hot cup of tea. A proper cup of tea, that is.

5. Real pancakes

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We're talking about pancakes that you make in a pan, not on a griddle. They take virtually no time to cook, and can be served with lemon and sugar, Nutella, or frankly whatever you fancy. The main point is: They should be paper thin.


12. Trifle

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There's no doubt about it: Trifle is the king of British puddings. Consisting of fruit, sherry-soaked sponge, custard, and whipped cream, a homemade trifle is the perfect pudding to eat on a summer's day.

13. Proper biscuits

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No, we don't mean cookies. We're talking about bourbons, and chocolate Hobnobs, and custard creams: biscuits you can dunk into your tea. No one does biscuits as well as us.


15. Bread and butter pudding

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Every adult knows that using up your leftovers is a responsible thing to do. And luckily for us Brits, day-old bread works best in a bread and butter pudding. Best served with proper custard.


20. Knickerbocker glory

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Banana splits are all well and good, but there's something incredibly satisfying about getting right to the bottom of a knickerbocker glory. And the combination of ice cream, cream, berries, meringue, syrup, nuts, and cherries is just 10/10.

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