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22 British Puddings That Will Make All Americans Jealous

No one does puddings quite as well as Brits.

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4. Carrot cake

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A cake made out of carrots doesn't sound delicious, but it is delicious. Especially when it's covered in a thick layer of cream cheese icing and served with a hot cup of tea. A proper cup of tea, that is.


5. Real pancakes

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We're talking about pancakes that you make in a pan, not on a griddle. They take virtually no time to cook, and can be served with lemon and sugar, Nutella, or frankly whatever you fancy. The main point is: They should be paper thin.


12. Trifle

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There's no doubt about it: Trifle is the king of British puddings. Consisting of fruit, sherry-soaked sponge, custard, and whipped cream, a homemade trifle is the perfect pudding to eat on a summer's day.


15. Bread and butter pudding

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Every adult knows that using up your leftovers is a responsible thing to do. And luckily for us Brits, day-old bread works best in a bread and butter pudding. Best served with proper custard.


20. Knickerbocker glory

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Banana splits are all well and good, but there's something incredibly satisfying about getting right to the bottom of a knickerbocker glory. And the combination of ice cream, cream, berries, meringue, syrup, nuts, and cherries is just 10/10.