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39 British Men Who Want To Rip Off Your Clothes Right Now

British men have got it covered.

1. Oh hey there. Ewan McGregor wants you to know you look really beautiful today.

I mean, you look beautiful every day but you look especially good today.

2. You know what? Idris Elba agrees. He's wondering if you'd like him to bring you a cup of tea?

3. Or perhaps you'd prefer to head down to the pub with Tom Hardy.

4. Henry Cavill will be there, waiting for you. This round's on him.

5. Here's Benedict Cumberbatch. He's rushing home from work to give you a shoulder rub.

6. No? Perhaps you're more in the mood for a roast dinner. Luckily Nathan Stewart-Jarrett has been cooking all afternoon.

7. And naked Kit Harrington's bough a trifle for dessert.

He knows naked trifle is your favourite.

8. But what are you gonna do after dinner? Tom Hiddleston has a few ideas.

9. Morning! Matthew Lewis wonders if you'd like to climb back into bed with him?

10. No? Not a problem. Ralph Fiennes has just made a bacon sandwich. Fancy one?

11. Let's just take a break and look at Chiwetel Ejiofor. He's staring straight into you soul.

12. Talking of staring, let's take a brief look at Charlie Hunnam's eyes. They just scream rip-off-your-clothes-and-get-into-my-bed-now.

13. Oh hey! David Beckham just showed up.

Just give me a moment to literally swoon.

14. OK we're back. Luckily Samuel Anderson just called to check you're OK.

15. Sam Clafin wants to know if you've got dinner plans?

Because if not, would it be OK if he cooked for you?

16. And Jude Law will make you a fry up tomorrow morning.

17. Afterwards, Daniel Craig wondered if you fancied going for a swim?

You guys could get dinner afterwards.

18. And what are you up to this weekend? Orlando Bloom wants to know if you'd like to go to out to the country with him?

19. John Boyega will be there. He really wants to go for a long walk with you.

20. Jack O'Connell will pack the picnic.

21. And Aiden Turner'll bring the Pimm's. He's even chopped up all the fruit to go inside it and packed it in a little Tupperware container for you.

22. And what are you doing tonight? Dominic West wants to watch a movie and eat microwave popcorn out of the bag with you.

23. But if you're up for something fancier, Jenson Button wants to go out to eat.

24. Do you have summer plans yet? Ben Wishaw's just writing to tell you he knows this great little place in Scotland.

He's worried it might rain. But he can think of a few ways to keep you warm.

25. Or you could always head to the Norfolk coast with James McAvoy.

26. You could go skinny dipping with Alan Rickman. He's up for it.

27. And what about Christmas? Douglas Booth's gonna miss you so much. Why don't you spend it with his family?

28. But Robert Pattinson wants you to go to his family home. He knows it's early days, but he wants you to meet his mum.

Her Christmas dinner is unbeatable.

29. You've been given too many choices, right? You're feeling overwhelmed. Let Clive Owen pour you a big glass of red wine.

30. Have a rest. Dominic Cooper will get the laundry done.

31. And you can have a bath with Theo James when you wake up. That'll make you feel better.

32. Sorry? Did you want something? Ed Westwick just got lost in your eyes.

33. He's actually in a bit of a fight with Hugh Laurie at the moment.

34. Eddie Redmayne too. They're all squabbling over who loves you the most.

35. Ooh Prince Harry just stepped in. He's pretty sure he loves you more than the rest of them.

36. Andrew Lincoln's not convinced though.

37. And Damian Lewis reckons there's no one out there who can possibly be as in love as he is with you.

38. "Hey girl, care to join me," Dan Stevens is asking you, as he steps into the shower.

39. "I never even knew I could feel this strongly about anyone," says Alex Pettyfer.