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    24 British Drinking Quirks That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

    Drinking a plastic glass of wine with a tinfoil lid hasn't caught on outside of Britain.

    1. Drinking plastic glasses of wine with tinfoil lids on the train

    2. And getting drunk off gin in a tin

    3. Calling a Buck's Fizz a Buck's Fizz and only drinking them at Christmas

    4. Competitively getting drunk for the least amount of money possible

    That's why we drank so much Glenn's vodka, Frosty Jack's, and Strongbow as teenagers.

    5. Ale as a thing

    6. Taking this exact wine to every dinner party you attend

    7. The round system in general

    Met a tightrope walker in the pub last night. Bought him a drink. When it was his round he sneaked off, dragging his bit of rope behind him.

    Brits have mastered the art of using the round system to their advantage, but everyone else just finds it a bit stressful.

    8. Using squash as a mixer to make a vodka cocktail

    9. Genuinely enjoying a shandy when it's hot outside

    10. Drinking pint-sized pints at the pub and then not eating dinner

    11. Your first experience of alcohol being Caribbean Twist, Apple Sourz, or Malibu

    If it wasn't sweet enough to rot your teeth, it wasn't sweet enough for you.

    12. Getting drunk in horrible pubs before you were 18 to avoid being ID'd

    13. Being legally allowed to drink at 18, and still only drinking alcopops

    14. Cheeky Vimtos in general

    15. Not questioning it when someone around you orders a Guinness and black or a snakebite

    16. Buying mini Proseccos to take on picnics in the summer

    17. Drinking Pimm's the moment it gets vaguely sunny outside

    18. And ordering mulled wine in a pub the moment it gets cold again

    19. Cider in general

    20. Deboxing boxed wine and sneaking it into Leeds or Reading festival

    21. Feeling really classy when you first drink Lambrini or Echo Falls

    And then cringing when you think back to your teenage years.

    22. Being really, really into gin

    23. Strawpedoing Smirnoff Ices

    24. And finally: being ashamed and proud of how much you drink in equal measure