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24 British Drinking Quirks That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

Drinking a plastic glass of wine with a tinfoil lid hasn't caught on outside of Britain.

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3. Calling a Buck's Fizz a Buck's Fizz and only drinking them at Christmas

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Americans call them mimosas and they drink them at brunch all the time. We call them Buck's Fizz and we only drink them on one set day every year.


7. The round system in general

Met a tightrope walker in the pub last night. Bought him a drink. When it was his round he sneaked off, dragging his bit of rope behind him.

Brits have mastered the art of using the round system to their advantage, but everyone else just finds it a bit stressful.


9. Genuinely enjoying a shandy when it's hot outside

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Mixing lager with lemonade is the perfect way to drink for ages without getting wasted immediately. But if you're not British, you probably find the idea kinda gross.

10. Drinking pint-sized pints at the pub and then not eating dinner

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The rest of the world drinks pints that are actually like 2/3 of a pint before going out for dinner. We stay in the pub until last orders and get chips on the way home.

12. Getting drunk in horrible pubs before you were 18 to avoid being ID'd


For some reason, sitting at a sticky table where you were surrounded by old men was a very glamorous thing to do between the ages of 16 and 17.


24. And finally: being ashamed and proud of how much you drink in equal measure

Staggering your recycling after Christmas because you don't want the bin man to see how much booze you've been drinking = the most English thing ever. Boasting about how much booze you drank over Christmas to the bin man = also the most English thing ever.