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    24 British Drinking Quirks That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

    Drinking a plastic glass of wine with a tinfoil lid hasn't caught on outside of Britain.

    1. Drinking plastic glasses of wine with tinfoil lids on the train

    Twitter: @lorijohnson1991

    It's not a good train journey unless you're getting drunk on M&S tinfoil wine.

    2. And getting drunk off gin in a tin

    Twitter: @ChristinaMcMc

    Canned M&S gin and tonics are much stronger than anything you would make yourself.

    3. Calling a Buck's Fizz a Buck's Fizz and only drinking them at Christmas

    Twitter: @rheawarren19

    Americans call them mimosas and they drink them at brunch all the time. We call them Buck's Fizz and we only drink them on one set day every year.

    4. Competitively getting drunk for the least amount of money possible

    That's why we drank so much Glenn's vodka, Frosty Jack's, and Strongbow as teenagers.

    5. Ale as a thing

    Twitter: @WimbledonBrew

    Warm, flat beer is objectively disgusting. But we love it.

    6. Taking this exact wine to every dinner party you attend

    Twitter: @Redlester99

    It's always on offer, and spending £8 rather than £6 on wine makes you feel grown-up.

    7. The round system in general

    Met a tightrope walker in the pub last night. Bought him a drink. When it was his round he sneaked off, dragging his bit of rope behind him.

    Brits have mastered the art of using the round system to their advantage, but everyone else just finds it a bit stressful.

    8. Using squash as a mixer to make a vodka cocktail

    Twitter: @hannahtheant

    This is the drink of choice for any British uni student.

    9. Genuinely enjoying a shandy when it's hot outside

    Twitter: @LadySileL

    Mixing lager with lemonade is the perfect way to drink for ages without getting wasted immediately. But if you're not British, you probably find the idea kinda gross.

    10. Drinking pint-sized pints at the pub and then not eating dinner

    Twitter: @ruthjoyceart

    The rest of the world drinks pints that are actually like 2/3 of a pint before going out for dinner. We stay in the pub until last orders and get chips on the way home.

    11. Your first experience of alcohol being Caribbean Twist, Apple Sourz, or Malibu

    If it wasn't sweet enough to rot your teeth, it wasn't sweet enough for you.

    12. Getting drunk in horrible pubs before you were 18 to avoid being ID'd


    For some reason, sitting at a sticky table where you were surrounded by old men was a very glamorous thing to do between the ages of 16 and 17.

    13. Being legally allowed to drink at 18, and still only drinking alcopops

    Twitter: @CSimmss213

    You were all about that WKD and VK life.

    14. Cheeky Vimtos in general

    Twitter: @JamesSaintLatic

    Mixing port with a WKD to make a Cheeky Vimto is a rite of passage for every teenage Brit. To the rest of the world, it's just revolting.

    15. Not questioning it when someone around you orders a Guinness and black or a snakebite

    Twitter: @DalePLawson

    100% acceptable to most British people, 100% gross anywhere else.

    16. Buying mini Proseccos to take on picnics in the summer

    Twitter: @kstrauss11

    There's nothing wrong with a teeny tiny bottle of Prosecco with a screw-top lid.

    17. Drinking Pimm's the moment it gets vaguely sunny outside

    Twitter: @sociable_sam

    Everyone has one friend who chops up the cucumber, strawberries, and mint in advance of the picnic and brings it in a Tupperware container.

    18. And ordering mulled wine in a pub the moment it gets cold again

    Twitter: @Wainwright_Pub

    You don't even necessarily like it, it's just something you have to do when it starts to feel wintery.

    19. Cider in general

    Twitter: @FreyaMCrawshaw

    To us, it's the perfect summer's day drink, but to everyone else it's just a bit sickly.

    20. Deboxing boxed wine and sneaking it into Leeds or Reading festival

    Twitter: @bkearney81

    If you didn't celebrate the end of your GCSEs with a bladder of wine in a muddy field, are you even British?

    21. Feeling really classy when you first drink Lambrini or Echo Falls

    And then cringing when you think back to your teenage years.

    22. Being really, really into gin


    Every Brit knows at least five people whose Twitter bio says "gin-lover". And why on earth not? Gin is great.

    23. Strawpedoing Smirnoff Ices

    Twitter: @MattCPFC

    Every Brit knows that in order to down something fizzy successfully, you need a straw sticking out of the side for the gas to escape through.

    24. And finally: being ashamed and proud of how much you drink in equal measure

    Staggering your recycling after Christmas because you don't want the bin man to see how much booze you've been drinking = the most English thing ever. Boasting about how much booze you drank over Christmas to the bin man = also the most English thing ever.