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    23 British Breakfast Quirks The Rest Of The World Doesn't Understand

    Why has bubble and squeak not caught on elsewhere?

    1. Dippy eggs and soldiers.

    2. Crumpets covered in butter.

    3. Hot buttered toast with a proper cup of tea.

    4. Hot buttered toast covered in Marmite.

    5. Jam on toast.

    6. Marmalade on toast.

    7. Or lemon curd on toast, if you're feeling fancy

    8. Buck's Fizz with your breakfast at Christmas.

    9. Hot cross buns at Easter.

    10. Beans on toast.

    11. Beans and cheese on toast.

    12. Beans on toast, covered in ketchup.

    13. A full English breakfast.

    14. Especially the tinned tomatoes.

    15. And the fried bread.

    16. And all the regional bits like laverbread, lorne sausages, and potato farls.

    If you go on a weekend away to Wales, Scotland, or Ireland you will undoubtedly eat a fru-up at some point and discuss the pros and cons of the variations.

    17. A Belfast bap.

    18. Hash browns from the freezer.

    19. A Greggs sausage roll.

    20. Toasted Scotch pancakes.

    21. A baked bean omelette.

    22. A proper bacon butty.

    23. And finally, bubble and squeak.